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Cherie Blair – Scandal Junkie 24 May 2006

Posted by David in Cherie Blair, Labour.

Cherie Blair has done it again. Another day, another scCherie Blair 1andal for the Labour government. And if there's a scandal, Cherie is odds on favourite to be involved. From the moment her husband became Prime Minister, she has never missed an opportunity to embarrass or slip up. She is less a barrister, more a scanHutton Cherie Sun Frontpagedal junkie. Such an expert on banana skins, she should do 'no win – no fee' accident claims instead of human rights. From dodging rail fares in 1997, to having weirdo lifestyle gurus, employing Australian con men awaiting deportation to buy flats, and then taking huge sums of charity money as a speaker. Many of the people that she represents in Court are being deported by her husband's government – both funded by taxpayers. But now she has really gone too far. Selling autographed copies of the Hutton Report into the tragic death of Dr David Kelly, for Labour Party funds. Sick, sick, sick. Below is a mock Sun frontpage from BBDO. There's a petition to sign here. We won't be letting her get away with this, and Cherie will be a definite target of this blog – that's a promise.



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