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“No Policy A Good Policy” Says Public 24 May 2006

Posted by David in Polls.

A rather unusual event today has been the sudden lead taken by Cameron's Conservatives on certain 'issues'.

The party has lead most voting intention polls for some time, and leads today's ICM/Guardian offering by 4 points (LAB 34%, CON 38%, LIB 20%). Under Gordon Brown as leader it's 8 points (LAB 31%, CON 40%, LIB 19%).

But it is the later questions which reveal the damage done to Labour by recent events, particularly last month's Triple Whammy Wednesday of foreign criminals on the lose, Hewitt heckling as a sport by nurses and Prescott's affair. Those surveyed were asked irrespective of who they might vote, which party is putting forward the best policies on each issue.

Conservatives lead Labour by 2% on the NHS, 2% on education, 12% on law & order, 18% on asylum & immigration, and 4% on tax & public services. Labour retains small leads on the economy, Europe and terrorism. Some of these, the NHS in particular, once had huge Labour leads.

But what's unusual is that, as yet, Cameron hasn't put forwards any policies. They all await the conclusion of the policy reviews – unlike Blair who announces his nuclear policy before the reviews concluded. Obviously, no policies a good policy then – probably right too. What is obvious is that people are wanting less government interference in their lives. We await the policies from David Cameron and hope, they are sensible. Please, no more regulation, tax or EU madness.


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