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“Customers To Blame” Says Ex-Home Secretary 25 May 2006

Posted by David in Labour.

In the ongoing saga that is the Home Office fiasco, the Jack Strawtale goes from sublime to ridiculous. Today, the Home Office's top civil servant has claimed the scandals have "inflicted immense damage" on the department and "undermined confidence". Really, do you think? Talk about saying the obvious. The comments simply illustrate the distance between reality and the government, especially the civil service, which lives in a land of job security, planned career structures and good pension schemes retiring at 60 – everyone else at 65 except my year and younger, who can look forward to retirement at 68, thanks Labour.

Anyway, back on subject. Then, former Home Secretary Jack Straw MP, determined to out do somebody, claimed the "fundamental problem" is not the staff – who I remind you withheld important information and acted deceitfully, wrongfully and badly – but instead is the customers. He adds many "customers" are "dysfunctional individuals" who prove a "burden and challenge". Really? I always thought criminals and illegal immigrants were helpful.

Jack Straw seems to think the Home Office is the only department that battles against its customers- criminals, asylum seekers etc. He obviously hasn't been in a secondary school lesson recently, tried taxing people, or visited a hospital, where although patients want caring for they get delayed, sent away and badly treated.

The failed Labour government seeks to blame everyone but itself. These ridiculous comments come after it was revealed one civil servant might get sacked and one moved elsewhere – and that's up to the civil service to decide. If a business was run like this, it would be bankrupt. How can you run something where the boss cannot sack incompetent staff?

A good test is whether It would make an episode of the Apprentice You've been useless, you've lied, you've hidden the facts, you've let hundreds of foreign criminals out, many have reoffended. You're hired. I don't see it myself.

It is also worth remembering that many are still on the run, and several have been re-released on bail! The Home Office scandal is getting worse day by day, and I cannot see an end in sight soon.



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