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“Because I’m Worth It,” Says Cherie 27 May 2006

Posted by David in Cherie Blair.

Raven haired wife of the Prime Minister, Cherie Blair, has Cherie Blair 1997defended her £7,700 hairdressing bill for the 2005 general election. The scandal prone barrister claimed "Honestly, what a load of fuss about trivia! It's something about women, isn't it?"

The interview will be broadcast on the BBC World Service at 1730 BST and repeated at 2230 BST on Saturday. It will be repeated again at 0730 BST and 1230 BST on Sunday.

No, Cherie, it's the fact that it was £7,700 and you're husbands government has increased the UK's tax take to the highest level in years. She now claims to be trying to learn from her mistakes – about time.

With the various money making schemes Mrs Blair is involved in – such as £100,000 lecture tours – she could really pay for her own hair bill. Basically, if it was means tested she'd be out of pocket. If however it was based on need, she may well have qualified for extra funding.

Maybe the auction of the signed Hutton Report is part of her way of repaying her debts. With Cherie Blair, there's always another banana skin lurking.



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