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“Olympic Ceremonies Awful,” Says Prince Philip 27 May 2006

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Prince Philip has joined the growing number of people Prince Philipcomplaining about the Olympics. In an interview with the Telegraph, he describes the ceremonies as bloody nuisances", and called for them to be banned. "I am truly fed up with opening and closing ceremonies," he said, the first public figure to say what almost everyone has been thinking for ages. "They ought to be banned. They are a pain in the neck," he added. Rather extreme, though they do go on for ages.

The true cost of London hosting the 2012 Olympics we all await, currently £6 billion is the figure. However if experience is anything to go by, it'll be larger – Greece was heavily indebted after the Athens games and Toronto has only just paid back its debts. The Olympic boost will also not be as large as hyped, as it lasts only a short while. Also, the facilities at Sydney and Athens are today all derelict as there is only so much need for sports facilities.

What was most outrageous however was the £600m given to train athletes. Why? If money equals sporting success, why bother? Shouldn't we spend taxpayers money on schools, hospitals and other services instead of advancing the careers of healthy sportspeople? A few seconds of reflective glory isn't worth this amount of money when the NHS is going bankrupt.

Politicians need to get back into the real World, away from their expensive ego trips. If they are going to spend cash on the Olympics, they had better make sure it is financially beneficial and good for regeneration. I am sceptical, the words used are the same as when they hyped the dome!



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