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Global Earthquake Response Poor Compared To Waste 28 May 2006

Posted by David in Uncategorized.

Here are a few shocking figures relating to the tragic earthquake;

EU contribution to earthquake appeal; $3.8m
UK total net contribution to EU; £3.8bln

I am sick of the European Union, and our government, squandering money when there is a real disaster that needs our help. Governments should be ashamed of themselves, I am ashamed of them, particularly the EU that contributes so little, sings its own praises so highly, and holds back developing nations with tariffs and taxes. www.redcross.org.uk



1. Serf - 29 May 2006

I couldn’t agree more. One of the EU’s favourite tricks is to take our money, send a portion of it back and force us to be grateful.

As for aid, unless the CAP is made history, the EU has no moral right to say anything about poverty.

2. Serf - 29 May 2006

PS, can you send me a mail, I have something I want to ask you. (eu_serf@yahoo.co.uk).

3. Ted - 11 January 2007

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