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Tax Freedom Day – Make It Known 29 May 2006

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Tax Calendar 2006 

The 3rd of June is this year’s Tax Freedom Day – the day the average person finally works for themselves instead of Gordon Brown. It is the latest it has fallen since 1988. Every blog should make as much noise as we can about it, to hopefully increase media attention. Just look at Iain Dale’s success over the recent Cherie Blair Hutton Report auction for Labour party funds – it was ignored by the media all of Monday and Tuesday, but caused a storm on Wednesday after bloggers action.

I will dedicate the blog for the entire day to the event (barring a major news story), and will gladly host any articles or pieces anyone contributes on the matter.

More information on Tax Freedom Day can be found here and remember to send a e-card to everyone you know.



1. Chris Palmer - 29 May 2006

Quite worryingly, nutters like Polly Toynbee think that the current tax burden is far too low, and should be raised still further.

It’s almost getting boring saying it now, but Gordon Brown is stifling our economy and our international competivity. Unless the people of this country understand this, they will not get rid of him – because they believe that so long as their mortgage rates don’t go up, then they’re ‘alright.’

2. davidbkent - 29 May 2006

I entirely agree Chris, I hope the blogger enhanced Tax Freedom Day will raise awareness. It is not only the people paying the direct tax that suffers – I am a student so don’t at the moment – but everyone through less jobs, higher prices, indirect taxes etc.

3. Serf - 31 May 2006


You seem to be able with graphics. If you make a nice Tax Freedom Day graphic or two I can host them for you, and we can try and get as many bloggers as possible to post them.

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