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There’s More to England than Football 29 May 2006

Posted by David in Uncategorized.

Flags are going up everywhere, and those ones jammed Car Flagbetween car windows are particularly odd if you ask me. I am all in favour of flags, but think discretion and subtlety are key. Flying from a town hall or church tower – great – even on a nice flag pole in the right situation is good, but hanging off a smokey old ford fiesta or white van is less so (nothing against them).

Also, defaced flags I dislike. Please do not write 'England' across the flag of Saint George – we know it's English. Nor stick lions in the four corners (there are only three anyway). What's wrong with the real flag? 

I am sad to say, as a nation, we seem to forget the great and important things and celebrate instead only sports. There's more to England than just a football team. Where are the flags on Saint George's Day? Very rarely seen. How many know which day it's even on?

What particularly annoys me is that, unless you are very much into football and flag waving for football matches, people think you're some strange kind of untrustworthy, unpatriotic, grumpy weirdo. I have no problem with football, but please don't think of me as odd for not being obsessed by it!

I have created a quiz here on Englishness beyond football for my readers, have a try, see how you do. It's just a bit of fun remember – the same as should be said for sports (bad sadly usually isn't).

But what is more annoying is anti-flag people. I am not anti-flag, I am just for discretion and subtle flags that aren't defaced. People banning flags, recently a school, are just handing them to the BNP, along with a major media coup. Also those who claim they are offensive – that's crazy, they're not. All of that is just an insane, disrespectful authoritarianism posing as liberalism. We must reclaim our flags from the BNP, but also to a degree from sports – there's more to England and Britain than sports, and there's more to our flags too.

Update: I am told Japan treats their flag as sacred, and only uses it in certain situations and/or discreetly, and thus increases its meaning and value. The over use of flags simply devalues them (inflation?) as they are no longer special.



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