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Political Correctness Gone Mad: Bonnyrigg School 3 June 2006

Posted by David in Political Correctness Gone Mad.

The culture phenomenon known as political correctness has reached new heights today. The Bonnyrigg Primary School had, like many schools, previously named classes based on the pupil’s year, suffixed with a single letter – starting with the first letter of the alphabet. However, after complaints by “some parents and children” that being in class 1b made them feel inferior to those in 1a, the names of classes have now been changed.

These parents need not be so sensitive and should think whether it is not their actions which are highlighting this inferior idea surrounding class names. It all sounds a bit silly to me and is on a par with the situation which brought us the changed nursery rhyme name of Ba Ba Rainbow Sheep. I think these parents need to get a grip, it’s a ridiculous request, which has left me flabbergasted. – Eleanor Coner, Scottish Parent Teacher Council

Quite how these parents and children cope with the real World I do not know. They might be second in the que at Tescos, or be second in the que and have to wait for a bus because it’s full, or not live in the biggest house in the town. Maybe they feel inferior because they live at Number 2 instead of Number 1? This is surely political correctness gone mad – who even thinks about the name of the class, it’s just a letter! They must have an inferiority complex if they think this hard about everyone.

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1. Chris Palmer - 4 June 2006

Ah yes, I saw this on the BBC website. This is, of course, not the first time it has happened anywhere. When I was at school, they used to name some of the sets, A – Alpha and B, so as to not upset the thick ones in the lowest set.

Also, do you really think it is political correctness “gone mad”? Mad would suggest something that is undirected and incontrolable. Surely the vast majority of PC is controlled and very much targetted in a strategic and well-thought out manner. Nothing mad about it.

2. davidbkent - 4 June 2006

I would say it is definately mad, as the ‘insane’ definition is just one of the terms meanings. According to OED, it also means ‘foolish or senseless’, of which this is certainly true. Perhaps technically it is more the purveyors of political correctness who are mad. I stand by the heading however, as this is certainly PC to extreme, fanatical and foolish extent.

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