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Blair’s Legacy 10 June 2006

Posted by David in Labour.

Nuclear Blair

It is looking increasingly likely that Blair's legacy to the nation will not be "education, education, education" but "radiation, radiation, radiation."

Just the other day Blair signed an Anglo-French agreement on sharing nuclear technology, having declared nuclear was "back on the agenda with a vengence". Today Gordon Brown – King of Stealth Tax – has declared his support in The Times.

It is an absolute disgrace that we are even considering nuclear power for two key reasons; (1) if they go wrong, you've had it, and (2) costs of disposing a radioactive goo that lasts forever, never becoming safe to go anywhere near. To me, neither of these reasons can be challenged – I'd rather sit in the dark or build a wind turbine (a la Cameron).

It is now also possible to use coal power stations and trap the carbon deep beneath the sea in the caverns caused by oil extraction. This clean coal technology is surely better than expensive nuclear and its radioactive legacy?

But what we should really be considering is a more open source grid making use of micro generation – local and home based turbines, solar panels and other renewable technologies feeding surplus energy into the national grid, and taking out energy when more is needed or the supply has stopped.

Once again Labour shows its colours through Big State solutions, going over the public and local residents. "We know best" is back – but do they know best? No, no, no.



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