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The EPP Move Will Happen 11 June 2006

Posted by David in Conservatives, Europe.

Earlier this week Chameleons on Bicycles suggested that the Czech election result, leaving the centre-right EPPCDP/ODS without a majority as once hoped, might disrupt the planned grouping of the CDP/ODS and British Conservatives in the European Parliament. Our argument was that the ODS wouldn’t be as strong as once hoped, and may not want to do anything that could be spun as risky, extreme or isolationist. We were the first to suggest this.

The next day, the EPP move was in turmoil. The ODS leader, Václav Klaus, attacked the Polish government’s Law & Justice Party as populist and extreme.

However today things seem back on track, the rift seemingly sorted. The new group, as yet without a name, should be functioning within weeks! There is a leader in the Telegraph on the topic, and a piece by Dan Hannan MEP on ConservativeHome (see links). It is being billed as the Conservative’s Euro-Revolution, and for the first time the EU will have a real opposition.

We understand that David Cameron is highly annoyed with William Hague – who he had given the task of arranging the move – for even considering abandoning the promise.



1. Chris Palmer - 11 June 2006

“We were”

There’s more than one of you David, or are you suffering from schizophrenia?

I wonder whether David Cameron is really angry with William Hague, or if it’s a bit of a PR exercise?

2. blogger - 12 June 2006

Chameleons on Bicycles is now an open source publishing blog, so there are more than one of us posting (so only one David, and none of us here at CoB currently have schizophrenia). It’s a growing team of us now. The blog is however still mine, getting others posting was just a way of increasing the number of posts and covering more topics with more opinions. “We” simply refers to us collectively agreeing or doing something as the overall “blog”.

It could have been a PR exercise, but as long as the move happens few will care.


3. Valerie - 13 June 2006

Vaclav Klaus hasn’t been the leader of the ODS for the last four years. Get it right.

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