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RIP Flaming Torch 12 June 2006

Posted by David in Conservatives.

Conservative TorchEveryone had expected it at first, but just when it looked like it would never happen, news hit the headlines that the flaming torch symbol is to be banished to the great party conference in the sky. The symbol, created under Margaret Thatcher's leadership after it was realised the party was alone in lacking a logo, it became instantly iconic. However for the 20th Century it carries the wrong connotations. It looks very American – based as it is on Lady Liberty's torch – and also looks like it fails targets on pollution. Although it may look good for the 2012 Olympics, until then it just doesn't suit. Under the big government of the late 1970s, the symbol of freedom suited perfectly, but the past is a different country. Blair and Mandelson ripped up the Labour hammer and sickle logo, and so too must go the torch. RIP.



1. Serf - 12 June 2006

Let’s replace it with…..

A Chameleon on a Bicycle

2. Ash - 13 June 2006

Well some people have been coming up with some bloody weird ideas for a new one. Ian Dales Dolphin for one! Oak trees and joined hands have also been mentioned. If it’s going to be an animal, I think a patriotic lion would be the best, something like this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/98352291@N00/166552887/in/set-72157594164815224/

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