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Commission for Racial Equality Becomes Commission for Social Engineering 14 June 2006

Posted by David in Uncategorized.

The BBC is running a story about the caring, sharing and School Patrolbeloved Commission for Racial Equality under the headline "school choice means classroom ghettos" – nice to see the Beeb avoiding sensationalist language, and so certain of its claims too.

It then churns out some meaningless figures such as "already in the UK, nine out of 10 white children are in white majority schools – and 45% are in schools where more than 90% of the children are white." They forget that this is actually unsurprising – as the UK is by a large percentage a majority white country, so it follows a majority of white children will be in  schools where the majority is white.

The report's entire tone is sensationalist and alarmist, with wording such as "already" implying the trend is current and set to worsen if the word hated by the liberal-left and BBC – choice – comes into force.

The entire article is against choice, with the quote "the CRE's view is that choice in other public services risks greater racial segregation. They claim to have evidence that choice in council housing may be further ghettoising communities and that even in health services, patient choice may result in ethnic segregation. The language of choice is about individual needs, about self-interest. The language of integration is about society's needs, about the collective interest. Our natural desire to be surrounded by people like ourselves means the specific is often in conflict with the general – a contradiction that presents a huge challenge for our diverse consumer society."

Basically, the entire thing is utter tosh! Just mentioning 'collective need' as different to 'individual needs' gets me going, but this is far worse. The CRE and BBC give no suggestion of how such segregation could be reversed, but it obviously would be by force and removal of choice.

They also blame population movement almost entirely on racism, what they call our "natural desire to be surrounded by people like ourselves". They forget many reasons why ethnic minorities may group together in areas; factors such as language, family links, distances to places of worship, facilities at schools for religion, and links with family friends etc. These reasons are far more likely than racism.

We all know the BBC has hated 'choice' and 'competition' ever since it lost its monopoly over television, but articles like this are entirely pointless. Whilst there is a problem with racism and extremism, and perhaps ghettoisation, it cannot be solved by force. If people end up choosing a religious school, or to live near their family, friends, place of worship or whatever – so what, it's their life! It's called free choice, and it's the difference between liberalism and authoritarianism. When will the CRE and BBC learn to live and let live?



1. Chris Palmer - 15 June 2006

Yes, I saw that report too. The thing is with these types of problems, is that the liberals created the problem by allowing far too many immigrants to come into Britain, far too quickly – and then they act as if shock, and claim after to be the answer to the problem that they had originally created.

Stupidly, many people actually believe them.

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