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Hoon Says “EU Has Image Problem” 15 June 2006

Posted by David in Europe, Labour.

Yesterday's "Dad Pack" has competition today in the race for Burning EU Flagmost obvious statement of the month, as Geoff Hoon – our esteemed Europe Minister – has claimed the EU has an image problem. You bet it does…

Meanwhile, the EU continues to live in a never never land where people actually like it, are keen to ditch their existing democratic nations, and where decisions can be made by committees and politicians away from populism (we'd call it democracy).

The Conservatives – who are apparently "rabidly anti-Europe" according to Mr Hoon ("hooray!" shouts everyone here) – have yet to be supported in their idea for a US-EU trade bloc. I wonder why that is? Maybe because it would put stop to the lie that "3 million jobs depend on the EU" and "the EU makes flights cheaper" rubbish, as we'd have separated the cause of free trade from the EU. The sooner, the better.



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