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“Just Take a Sickie,” Says Union 15 June 2006

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Yes, this is the news that our nation's ever beloved trade union movement is keen to cost employers, the Treasury and nation Red Protestbillions of pounds in sick days, lost revenue and temporary staff costs, as well as encourage lying, waste of sick days which may be needed later, insulting the genuinely ill, and risking the jobs of their members. This, of course, for the World Cup.

"So you want to watch the World Cup, but you are meant to be at work when it's on: can you play away or is the risk of permanent relegation from your job too high?…Even if you have the right, you do need to formally book it, and there may be a problem if too many others want the same time off. If a few do want the time off, see if you can agree something between you and put it to management. Having a union negotiator can really help persuade management what a good investment it could be to find ways to let people watch the World Cup, for example allowing people to watch it together at work on a big screen. Just take a ‘sickie’? It is quite difficult to prove that someone is not really sick if they have one day off; and most sick policies provide for the employee to self certificate for the first day off. But if you have a few days off which happen to be match days your employer may will notice a pattern to your sickness which might be used as evidence that sickness is not really the issue….Amicus is one union resisting a move to getting employees to ring an occupational health line where they have to speak to a nurse who will check their symptoms and may advise them they are not sick enough to be off work…..It will always be a gamble if you can’t get your boss to play on the same team in the World Cup Watching/Work game" – Amicus Website

The fact that such guidance is issued proves how far from responsible the trade union movement is – even today. It is an outrage they condone such behaviour, not least encouraging their members to risk their jobs! When will they grow up!



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