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Alarm At Government Home Theft and The Spirit of Jo Moore Lives On 17 June 2006

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The news that Ruth Kelly's Department for Communities and Local Government will be giving councils the power of requisition over empty properties should be viewed with alarm by all. The announcement was also conveniently timed to be buried among news of England's win over Trinidad & Tobago – especially since the legislation was passed over a year ago. The DCLG denies that it was a case of "strategic publishing" – a term I haven't heard before, further raising my suspicions.

I  expect the first rule of journalism applies here – never believe anything until it's been officially denied.

Councils through tribunal will be able to confiscate properties for seven years with little compensation for the owner. Simply allowing the state so much power is dangerous in the extreme. 

"It damages the very nature of our society by concentrating power and property in the hands of the State and of those politicians whose only ambition is the pursuit of power for its own sake. We believe that the future of freedom is inseparable from a wide distribution of private property among the people, not concentrating it into the hands of politicians" – Margaret Thatcher on the Finance Bill [Capital Transfer Tax], 1974

The government should not have control over private property, and certainly not be able to confiscate it – if it's being used or not. It is not theirs. A thief cannot be freed on the grounds that the stolen goods were out of use, and the same principles apply here too. 

"There can be no liberty unless there is economic liberty" – Margaret Thatcher

The timing also proves the Spirit, philosophy and ethics of Jo Moore – who famously wrote an email calling September 11th a "good day to bury bad news" – is alive and well in this government, indeed endemic. They have had over a year to announce this – and pick the month of the World Cup.

The shallow re-branding of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister as the Department for Communities and Local Government after John Prescott's affair is also very visible. The website address remains www.odpm.gov.uk and, if you try to save the logo to your computer, it is named odpm.bmp automatically.



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