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David Miliband – Total Idiot or Wonder Wonk? 17 June 2006

Posted by David in Labour.

Ellee Seymour has thankfully brought to the Blogosphere's Milibandattention this gem from Pandora of The Independent that the cost of David Miliband's blog is £40,000 per year – or about £1 per word. It cost £6,000 to set up – surely one for the next Bumper Book of Government Waste.

I must admit to having a dislike of David Miliband despite never having met, seen or heard him. There is just something about him that makes me feel ill. Maybe it's his total lack of any real experience other than being a civil servant, or being the son of communist academics. Becoming Agriculture Minister – or rather Common Agriculture Puppet – certainly didn't help. Neither does this.

Also his gladness for people to talk about him being "so smart" without modesty. Mrs Thatcher once said "being powerful is like being a woman, if you have to tell people you are, you aren't." I feel the same applies to intelligence.

I blame Guido for the widespread Blogosphere use of the term 'wonk' for these truly weird policy gurus, but despite their claims I certainly don't think Miliband is the wonder wonk they say.


1. Mark, Chiswick - 19 June 2006

another Tory blog – another set of lies. I know for a fact that Miliband’s blog is how own but ( being in the Cabinet and all) he needs someone to help with a bit of research ansd getting the copy on the site. He can’t use a bit of free-ware, he has to do it on the defra IT sysrtem which is a bit clunky. As he says, he probably takes up about 10% of the time of a junior aide – entirely reasonable.

As for quotes like “I’ve never met seen of heard DM but he makes me ill” this is just purile schoolkid stuff that doesn’t deserve any attention.

2. blogger - 19 June 2006

If he cannot use freeware like everyone else (including many MPs) there is a fully functioning WordPress programme that can be integrated into any website (www.wordpress.org) – there are others as weel. Any one of these could be fitted to the Defra website or his personal website very easily at little or no cost. I see no reason why the Defra website is more ‘clunky’ than any other website – Blog files would be in a sepperate, new directory anyway. The website also is not part of the government or department internal IT system – it is hosted externally as are all websites. If the government has entered into hosting their own websites they’re wasting even more money than first thought!

I have never met, seen or heard DM but have seen his blog, heard of him and seen articles by/featuring him. He does make me ill really, he has no normal knowledge at all. What does he know about the countryside, management, people’s lives or business? He is just a former civil servant, and we’ll end up like France if we go that way.

3. nick hilton - 21 July 2006

Stelios easyDeath plan is quietly buried
Evening Standard
18 July 2006
EASYDEATH, a scheme that could have seen a boom in orange coffins, has been quietly buried by easyJet mogul Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou.
The tycoon said the cheap funerals concept had reached the planning stage before it was quietly dropped.
He added that the idea was worked on after he was presented with a serious business plan by an independent entrepreneur.
With easyInternet cafes and easyHotels hardly booming, Sir Stelios, 39, added: ‘The future of the Easy Group belongs to the franchising principle.’
Although he has only two easyHotels presently operating – London and Basel – he is in talks with a Dubai investor who wants to build 38 more in the Middle East.
He admitted that windowless cabins aboard the easyCruise ships were ‘a mistake’ and that ‘trial and error’ play a part in his company.
He added in an interview with the German magazine Der Spiegel: ‘In five years, I would like to have some 20 to 25 firms. Around a third will run well, a third will be OK, the last third will need me as a fireman. It is exciting. And I can at least say that I was the first to think of an orange cruise ship with windowless cabins. Perhaps I will also be the last.’

Is there any barrel bottom El Stel wont scrape?

4. Jeffrey - 17 January 2009

I am leaning on the total idiot side as far as miliband is concerned. What a horrible time to have such an unintelligent man in this position.

5. amna - 4 April 2009

i m big fan of dis person

6. SK - 21 August 2009

Highly unsuccessful – Miliband is an amateur at best. Lets push him off before he makes more of a mess.

7. Unsa Akhtar - 13 May 2010

You’re a Conservative supporter, I take it.

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