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Change and Renewal The Themes For Year Ahead 18 June 2006

Posted by David in Conservatives, Labour.

It's hard to make what the final results of the change and renewalConservative Torch craze spreading through Labour and the Conservatives lately, as the sign posts – let alone policies – have been anything but concrete. No one has heard from the Liberal Democrats.

The Compass conference yesterday is filling the Sunday papers. It sounds a truly awful event – the future hopefuls mixing with tired has beens and never has beens. It looks like the sort of place Guardian readers think is a mixture of backgrounds and basis for sound debate. Judging from what I've heard, the future's not bright – abolishing the monarchy, higher taxes, more state control…

Meanwhile the Conservative Euro-Muddle continues with all the drama of, well, something not very dramatic but very tangled. The Tory MEPs will leave the EPP, or a group lead by Dan Hannan will leave themselves. The party will or will not reverse its policy of leaving the Common Fisheries Policy – ConservativeHome says it was abolishing the policy and then it wasn't, The Herald says it is abolishing the policy still. Then Conservative MPs voted that Parliament can – on its own – leave or change European policies such as CAP without approval Brussels. It isn't yet an announced policy but may or may not be. We're glad it's all nice and clear…


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