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Nice To See The Telegraph Being Positive 18 June 2006

Posted by David in Conservatives.

There's an excellent albeit rather short piece in today's Telegraph about a successful A-lister – Wilfred Emmanuel Jones – who came Wilfred Emmanuel Jonesto Britain a child and worked his way up despite lacking qualifications to own a successful 40 acre farm, having worked at the BBC. It's nice to see the Telegraph being positive for a bit, although it also reports an objection to Cameron's wind turbine and conversion from a resident that cannot even see his house in a rather dramatic fashion. Wilfred Emmanuel Jones – who describes most MPs as "boring old gits" – has been selected for Chippenham, which according to Anthony Well's New Seat Guide is a LibDem/Tory marginal.

"Wiltshire is currently represented by four Conservative MPs but this fifth new seat, consisting of Chippenham itself, Melksham and Bradford-on-Avon will likely have a small Liberal Democrat majority. Notional 2005 result – CON 17717; LAB 7768; LD 18977; OTH 1677; Liberal Democrat Majority 1260 (2.7%)" – New Seat Guide

Personally I am disappointed Wilfred was selected for a Liberal Democrat marginal where they have a national majority and large Labour block to squeeze. Liberal Democrats are very tricky to get out once they're in, just look at Lewes or Cheltenham. He seems a great candidate and I really think he should have been selected for a Labour marginal or Conservative held seat.



1. Matt Dean - 28 June 2006

I know the area well having lived in Bradford on Avon for 5 years and although Wilfred Jones will have a fight on his hands, the seat is very very winable. The trick will be becoming a real community champion for the leafy town of Bradford on Avon while being able to mix it in the more industrial area of Melkham and the very mixed area of Chippenham while shoring up the rural vote in the many outlieing villages. If Mr Jones has the rescources to go at it nearly full time campaign wise for a couple of years, it could quickly become a safe seat and a great one to represent at Westminster. He will be helped in that the local party organisation is quite strong in those parts.
Matt Dean

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