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The Ten Most Influential People in the Conservative Party 2 September 2006

Posted by David in Conservatives.

ConservativeHome has launched a discussion to find the 50 most influential people in the Conservative Party, so I thought I’d have a go at making my own list here where there’s more room for expansion. They aren’t all Conservative members, but these 10 figures are serious influences on the party today.

#1 Tony BlairBlair
The heir to Blair comment last year made it likely, and the soft focus ordinary sort of guyimage manufacture sealed it. ChameleonsOnBicycles believes Tony Blair, the current Labour PM, is probably the biggest influence on the Tory Party currently. I’d rather it not be, but the current Prime Minister was always going to have considerable influence over HM Official Opposition. We could perhaps have a little less influence though, Mr Cameron?

#2 Karl Marx
The bearded one who Beardy Wierdyhas probably caused an awful lot of problems for one person and a very dreary book, he is no doubt an influence on the current Conservative leadership. Das Kapital is still a major work that is highly regarded despite being totally discredited and utter nonsense, and although this is probably our most controversial choice, I felt it was worthy. George Osbourne joked on CH that he took his inspiration “from Smith to Das Kapital”, however talk of redistribution and stability before tax cuts (as if the two are exclusive of each other) are both firmly from the Marx train of thought.

#3 Hans-Gert Pottering
Responsible HG Potteringfor DC’s first broken promise – that of leaving the European People’s Party – this little known (and even lesser loved in the party) figure looks set to become the next President of the EPP. His dealings with the party and several of its Euro-fanatic MEPs secured the Conservatives EPP membership until 2009, damaging relations with the Polish LJP and Czech Civic Democrats. He holds the honour of being the first to influence an actual party policy implementation.

#4 Steve Hilton
Author Good Businessof Good Business, Steve Hilton’s company of the same name specialises in helping businesses improve their image through charitable public relations such as Tesco’s Computers For Schools, Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers etc. A member of the leaderships circle of advisers, Steve Hlton is repackaging the party in the same manner he would a business with much success. I largely welcome his contribution, him being the highest ranking on this list I approve of, although he must be careful not to alienate core voters.

#5 BBC News
I BBCknow the BBC News isn’t a person, I haven’t gone mad so don’t worry, but it is run by people. The news from Auntie Beeb is generally of left-liberal bias and is also the most trusted as impartial, which causes a major problem for free marketeer conservative politics. Red Corner Questioning, a BBC favourite particularly on Newsnight and Radio 4, involves attacking Conservatives for being too right wing and others for not being left wing enough. That’s fairness and impartiality for you! Simply their agenda and wording reflect gooey social “do gooder” left wing sentiment. Their influence on presentation and even policy is huge, as the Conservatives must seek to have the media on side, or at least not hugely hostile.

#6 Margaret Thatcher
Alas, M ThatcherDC does not have the experienced and insightful words of Margaret Thatcher guiding him. He claims to have not been interested in politics as a student during her time in office, after all he was only studying politics, philosophy and economics at Oxford. Margaret Thatcher’s influence on the party leadership today is different – they seek to appear the antithesis of Thatcherism. Everything old must go – grammar schools, low taxes, enterprise society – and the new must be different. Therefore Mrs T, who was ranked the most effective PM of the 20th Century last week, has quite considerable influence. Had the influence been in the same direction, instead of as something they seek to counter, I would have ranked her higher on this list.

#7 Tim Montgomerie
Editor Timand founder of ConservativeHome, one of the UK’s top 5 blogs and “online Tory bible”, Tim Montgomerie is ranked seventh on this list and is sure to rise higher over time. The CH website, with its long running monthly survey (which judged the leadership vote to within 1%), gets more visitors than the party’s official website – and that’s not surprising. It allows discussion, shows the newspaper highlights, links to the best blogs, an open platform for pieces submitted by readers and top secrets – even unveiling the “secret” names on the Candidates A-list. The monthly survey also gives members the chance to rate senior party figures, creating an interesting graph of opinion. It’s no wonder Tim is briefed by all the party big whigs, and with an online television feature coming soon, as well as ever higher readership as the site becomes better known, I expect his influence to grow rapidly.

#8 Samantha Cameron and the “Baby Cams”
No, Cameronsnot a strange girl group but DC’s family. His wife Samantha and children are a major influence on David Cameron and thus the party’s direction. He has himself stated that his son Ivan’s disability taught him the value of the NHS, and I expect the rest of his family have also had an impact. Samantha, an artist who has so far not featured highly in the media circus, is probably an influence on image as well as policy.

#9 Norman Tebbit
Following Norman TebbitMargaret Thatcher in sixth, Norman Tebbit is rated ninth for the same reasons. The party leadership now relishes annoying the former Chingford MP, who was famously vilified for suggesting the unemployed commute to find work with the headline “On Yer Bike!” in the Mirror I believe. He also invented the Tebbit Test or Cricket Test – the idea that immigrant communities should have their nationality judged on whether they support England in cricket. His role is now the mouthpiece for Thatcherite opinion, receiving more media coverage than he has had for years. On everything from Hug A Hoodie to climate change, the former cabinet secretary has been interviewed. In their attempts to be seen as “changing”, an annoyed “old guard” is required and Norman Tebbit is leading the way. If Tebbit likes it, they scrap it. If Tebbit disagrees, they get more.

#10 William Hague
Clearly William Haguenot for advice of hair dressing or baseball caps, William Hague is the Conservative’s foreign policy guru. Sadly, despite generally strong Atlanticist views, William Hague has so far appeared weak. His poor handling of the EPP exit, in which he was lead astray by #3 Hans-Gert Pottering in a delaying tactic that gave the Euro-fanatics time to campaign against the exit policy, leaves him weakened in the eyes of members. His anti-Israel comments for many confirmed fears that Hague is moving to the European Worldview.



1. Joe - 13 January 2007

Poor Karl Marx- As ever so maligned and misunderstood. But I will resist the urge to explain the more esoteric points of a complex work even most Marxists have not read let alone inderstand- Although some, like Mugabe try to follow his ideas in their own uncomprehending way…
On a serious note, I think it is true what you are hinting at, that the ten most influential people in the Tory Party are not the same as the ten most influential to DC. I doubt a single Tory gives a flying **** what the loathsome Polly Toynbee thinks, while I would say that much of the Thathcherite old guard still carry weight amongst the grassroots.
I would say that Michael Portillo is one name that might actually be on both lists, but then again Portillo has substance.

2. CZM - 27 January 2007

How can you guys still propagate a system that has no recoginition to individuals or the enviroment? The planet that sustains us is dieing and our personal greed is the major factor in allowing this to exist. How does ones economic freedom overwrite my personal liberty to life? and happiness?
I would ask a question to all of you how do you value yourself? there are only two absolutes good and bad. Would you murder 50 people? Answer: probabbly not directly unless you posess no logic, but instead of having to pull the trigger, the sadness and death is seperated from your reality if you choose to ignore it which is evident. Do whatever the heck you wanna do as long as it does not harm others thats the real meaning of liberty.
Why should we validate the systemization of our labor fordes when human life is not even accknowledged in the equation.
You’re a cog in a bad machine

“In historical events great men – so-called – are but labels serving to give a name to the event, and like labels they have the least possible connection with the event itself. Every action of theirs, that seems to them an act of their own free will, is in an historical sense not free at all, but in bondage to the whole course of previous history, and predestined from all eternity”.

In my opinion your just a throw back from the past, if this was 50 years ago you would probabbly be tring to legitimize hated towards people of different color/race.
Now instead your enemy is the homosexual or the muslim.
Hopefully and probabbly the new political and philisophical realities will penetrate the minds of your kin.
For you believeing that you are right withought any real understanding makes you close minded.

3. Joe - 2 February 2007

??? What was all that about?
I’m lost, CZM.
I’ll have what he’s having…
Predetermination, the creed of the Orthodox Calvinist and Marxist alike…
In which case those you are adressing your tirade to presumably are simply ‘labels’ who have no control of their actions or opinions, it’s all preordained from the begining of time.
Do you buy that yourself?

4. The Bicycling Chameleon - 7 February 2007

CZM, what planet are you on? Our actions may be destroying the planet, but that’s not what the post was about. This blog is against the eco-facism that is being propogated simply to raise tax revenue and control our lives. I am very much in favour of protecting the environment, but taxes do not do this.

I have no idea what you are going on about “systemization of labor fordes” and can tell you that human life is awknowledged, unlike Communist Russia, North Korea and Zimbabwe. If I am a cog, at least its in a machine which works and gives a decent life and free choice to its ‘cogs’, unlike the Communist machines.

Predetermination…are you mad or something? We make our own destiny to a very great extent you’ll find.

Legitimise, by the way, has an “s” and not a “z”.

Please find the posts against homosexuals, there aren’t any. There are some challenging aspects of Islam, but it’s a free country and they are challenging the close mindedness of some Muslims (which has a capital “M” by the way). You may like to ask some Muslim leaders their opinion on homosexuals, single mothers, divorce, alcohol and other accepted Western norms as well.

“Hopefully and probabbly the new political and philisophical realities will penetrate the minds of your kin.”
Brainwashing anyone?

For you believeing that you are right withought any real understanding makes you close minded.”
This from the pre-determination fruitcake.

5. ray cogo - 11 February 2007

Conservative ? you mean Communism wrapped up in Compationet conservative tripe? The IInternational democrat union is not conservative, the heritage foundation is not conservative, Margret Thatcher, Toney Blair, the sainted Ronald Reagan were not conservative they all embraced and sold to the Republican Party so -called conservatives; London School of Economics ( Fabian) Programs. David Howeritz? a conservative? he also is a fabian pnetrater and permeator. Free trade capitalism is not conservative, urban enterprise zones are not conservative, Free-enterprise zones are not conservative,Free-trade zones, Public-Private Partnerships etc… If anything you have become tool that Karl Marx decribed, Socialism is impossioble without capitalism, capitalism is impossible without inflation, and inflation is impossible without Usury.

6. Joe - 13 February 2007

OK. I have no idea what that was all about either.
I have no idea what Ray’s political creed is, but it sounded close to Hitler’s.
Ray, you tell us what isn’t conservative.
So what is?

7. The Bicycling Chameleon - 14 February 2007

Ray @ #5, can you explain to us what is conservative? I accept that much of modern conservatism is rooted in classical liberalism (i.e. free trade, enterprise etc) but this has been accepted as being conservative for very many years (i.e. conserving of liberal freedoms). Personally I think Socialism is impossible full stop…at least if you take any account of success.

8. ray cogo - 22 March 2007

Conservatisim would be based on tradition. For instance Edmund burke would be considered the fatjer of modern day conservatisim.A good example would be the Declaration of Independnece where he stated that goverment should not be changed by light and transient causes… the context would be national not progressive global. The USA was built with free-enterprise:The economic doctrine or practise of permitting private industry to operate with minimum of control by goverment. Again the context is domestic as opposed to international. Free-trade capitalism is trade carried on without goverment regulations espeacially international trade conducted without protective tariffs, custum duties etc. Americas greatness was acheived via free enterprise; healthy competition within the country without goverment controls. Controls if any should serve to protect the citizens of the usa. If controls are lacking and a nation is harmed by outside forces then the exsisitng governing body has missed its primary purpose of exsistence. As far as Socialsim is concerned it is not acheived on a nation to nation basis it is going to be acheived by being a good capitalist first then by its own inherant flaw “Creative Destruction” its evolution will bring Socialism and then a self-regulating clasless capitalist society. you can see the change between the old socialist ‘toney croslands” in the fabian society and the new socialist ” private – public partnerships occuring now in Britain. You have obviously dont understand that thru the perverting of marxs thoughts the marxist are being used as usuful tools by the capitalist. Marx never had a paln to destroy capitalism he stated that you have to embrace the high productivity of capitalism before socialism and then communism, the marxist want to destroy it. The whole argument between lenin and trotsky was about what marx meant, which is basically you have to become a good capitalist before you become a socialist. Permanant revoluion lives on threw the fabians which are now running a perestroika within their own group. any questions?

9. satwant - 28 May 2008

all of them suck!!!

and i am hairy.

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