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Hugh Grant as Cameron? Who’d play Maggie? 6 September 2006

Posted by David in Conservatives.

The National Review Camerons(not my usual read but CH directed me to it) has an excellent article on how David Cameron is fast mimicking Hugh Grant. One aide was quoted as saying “we want more Love Actually moments”. For those not clued up on such things, this refers to the gooey, slightly irritating, affluent, educated middle class yet morally patronising left-wing cinema known as Richard Curtisland (twinned with Steven Poliokoffville, but that’s another story) – the most recent film of which was Love Actually.

They referto a scene in that film where Hugh Grant as the PM is tough with the US President after he attempts to have an affair with the PM’s single Mother, working class tea lady – who the PM secretly has emotions for, but won’t show, and only reveals at the end in a mad frantic dash to catch her at a politically correct multi-faith, multi-ethnic, multimedia, multiple choice school play in which her son plays an octopus. It’s a rubbish film.

The Americans aren’t that keen on Cameron’s stance, even less Hague’s anti-Israel comments, nor the implication that a new “special relationship” will be formed with India. In this instance it’s not the relationship but the language used that they find insulting, as it was deliberately meant to undermine the Anglo-American special relationship.

I don’t think it’s the toughness that’s the problem. The US needs and likes strong leaders, and Thatcher never had a problem taking Reagan to task in the most public of manners, but it is the Curtisland style that is the problem. Cameron puts too much belief in a reformed UN, forgetting that France, Russia and China are security council members. He wants to boost trade with India, forgetting this would mean leaving the EU (something we should do but Cameron won’t even dare talk about).

The Conservative leadership has got to realise it is not living in a Richard Curtis romantic comedy – one the first of which was Notting Hill, which transformed that area which is now home to Cameron and the “Notting Hill Set”. The country needs a tough leader, because there are tough challenges, many created by evil people such as the Al Quada fanatics who wish to see us wiped off the map. So Mr Cameron, please, raise your game.

So if it now looks like Hugh Grant as the ideal person to play Cameron on screen, who’d play Margaret Thatcher on the big screen? How about Edward Heath or John Major? Or even Blair? The comments section as ever is open and I’d appreciate your suggestions.



1. Tapestry - 6 September 2006

Carol Thatcher is the obvious choice to be her mother’s replacement or re-enactor. If she can win ‘I’m a celebrity..’ she could win other tests of popularity.

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