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Steve Irwin Was TV’s Finest Nature Presenter 6 September 2006

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Steve IrwinThe news on Monday that Steve Irwin, aka The Crocodile Hunter, had died has been met by both shock and sadness. Others have said that it was to be expected, given his line of work that involves wrestling with crocodiles, making snakes “a bit cranky” and filming programmes with “deadliest” in the title. But what has shocked me the most is the number of people showing disrespect to him, and insulting his work. Regardless of whether you liked his programmes (I personally did in small quantities), his work for conservation is huge. He brought the issues of the animal kingdom to the wider public, especially the young, in a way that was entertaining and memorable. This will be hugely missed, as it is exactly what is needed. On the news I have seen several TV nature presenters criticising his style as childish and worthless – yet he was far more popular than any of them and achieved far more for conservation than them. He was practical – instead of simply complaining, he realised he could make money, and spent it on conservation. “Right, well, how do I fix that?” he asked, “well, making a quid here. People are keen to give me money over there. I’ll buy it. I’ll buy habitat,” he told an interview. He was a get things done sort of person – no wonder he supported Australia’s conservative Liberal Party and called its PM John Howard “the World’s greatest leader”.

Steve Irwin was a genuine person, you can tell, and in the media field this is always to be welcomed. He died doing what he loved, and although probably would have prefered death by croc, would not want to have his death overshadowed by jealous wingers discrediting his work. He knew what he was doing, and he knew the risks. This was a freak accident of the sort which happen, and he will be missed. There was only one Crocodile Hunter.



1. first - 24 September 2006

first! 😀

2. alisha - 22 October 2006

i love u steve

3. alisha - 22 October 2006


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