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Al Qaeda Fanatic Reads Chameleons On Bicycles! 12 September 2006

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I’ve just read this (below) on the comments for “Al Qaeda: Time To Talk – No Way” (Chameleons On Bicycles, 4 Sept 2006) and thought it deserved wider readership. Some comments collected are in blue italic.

“In the name of Allah the beneficent the merciful
Without trying to be crude in my analysis of your argument -you say that due to the beliefs of ‘al qaeda’ being incoherent with the values of the west you cannot envision negotiating and reaching compromise with your enemy. An enemy that kills your sons and makes your women widows and your children orphans. Rather irrelevant, killing people doesn’t give anyone a place at the negotiating table. An enemy that your think tanks are sweating with thoughts and policies on how to contain the death and destruction which these people bring. An enemy against whom your governments try to pacify their public through telling half truths and and rounding it off with the fallacious statement that they are fighting ‘the enemies of freedom’
So this ‘freedom’ is what you use to justify not talking to a people who are creating so much turmoil in your society. Yes.
And a commendable and praiseworthy deed it is that a man is ready to bear the brunt of his loved ones dying and chaos erupting around him i  defence of this value of freedom. We intend to halt this ‘brunt’ and ‘chaos’.
But what exactly are your values and what is the freedom which you hold so dear to your heart.
Is it the freedom of legalising homosexuality in your countries which is a vile thing and repugnant to the pure nature on which man was created. Just a little bit of homophobia there, what happened to tolerance?
Is it the freedom to consume alcoholic drinks when your own statistics show that alcohol is responsible for 70% of the crime in your country and God knows the amount of widows and orphans that have been created from drink driving related incidents. Yes, we don’t intent to ban alcohol.
Is it the freedom to have someone rape a woman?deflowering her and taking what she holds dear and causing her anguish and pain to be lety off after a few years from jail? I think everyone wants tougher sentencing for rape.
Or is it the freedom to watch your daughters dressing up like harlots and watching them albeit in the full knowledge of the fact that they get passed around young men as dogs share from a piece of fresh stake. It’s called going out and it’s their own choice – freedom.
Is it the freedom to watch the principles of your religion(christianity) which you hold so dear being flushed down the toilet and replaced with man made false laws. Most Brits aren’t religious and even in they were, the Christian bible has never pretended to be a statute book – even very religious Christian countries in the past have had statute government ‘man made’ law. Britain claims to be a christian country so where in the bible does it say that you can legislate to legalise homosexuality? The bible is not the source of legislation.
Or more in the context of this argument is it the freedom to watch your governments install tyrants and oppressors(as they did with saddam) as their puppet governments and then when they dont do their bidding punish the people of their countries by imposing sanctions on them(when the un imposed western endorsed sanctions on iraq it wasnt saddam who starved and suffered as a result it was those poor innocent iraqi people). I think this is a foreign policy issue unrelated to freedom – could equally say what about the freedom of Israel, those killed in Sept 11th, 7/7, Bali etc.
Is this then the freedom and values which you hold so dear? Some of many.
Is this the freedom for which you refuse to discuss with those terrorising you in order to stop death on your doorstep? If we gave in to one murdering crank, everyone would be at it.
Because if this is the freedom for which you are ready to condone even more killing and bloodshed then truly Allah has described your case in the Quraan:
‘Truly those who believe fight in the cause of Allah
And those who reject faith fight in the cause of false dieties’
So please spare us the empty words and spare us the empty beliefs.
And spare us the false argument that you are good christians. Where did we argue this?
Because it doesnt take a genius to work out that you are not truly following your bible rather you are following your desires- evident by your paying lip service to the christian religion but in laws and in your daily lives from the values of your society to your bombing and colonization of the world and to the way your children are brought up it becomes clear that you are not really floowing any faith except the faith of satisfying your own desires and your own greed. We know.
Evident in your squandering and pillaging and colonization of many countries in the past. Whinge. (Just for historic accuracy, didn’t the Moors colonise Spain and much of North Africa? And wasn’t there an Islamic Ottoman Empire?)
Evident in all the slave trade between america and africa that happened in the past. Islamic countries too had slavery, some still do I believe.
And eveident today in your attempt at securing the oil weaslth of iraq no hods barred no matter how many innocent people die on both sides.
Through this you have placed your desires above your faith and your corrupt lusts above decency and you have become subservient not to God who demands obedience and love but to your desires which demand that you submit to them.
You have made your desires into your God and commit a form of polythiesm which is eqivalent to self destruction.
We the muslims would love to see you guided, we would love to see you bathed in the light and mercy of the one true God who is Allaah.
we would love to enter paradise and see you there with us and we do not hate you nor despise you rather we hate and despice the corrupted systems to which you have been made subservient. Freedom to choose.
We all are descendents of Adam and therefore we come from the same father.
And the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allash be upon him) said
‘none of you truly believes until he wants for his brother what he wants for himself’
So we call you oh sons of Adam in truth sinceruty and love to come and join us and witness the truth and the joy an the beauty to which Allah has exposed us and become our true brothers and sisters under the shade of Allahs mercy as muslims. check out the following website and then you can tell me that u weren amazed by whats on it!http://www.islam-guide.com/

Well there you have it, where to start hey? In Britain we have a saying, “live and let live”. If you don’t harm anyone, then it’s really no-one else’s business. This is the difference between liberal democracy and totalitarian state, like Stallin’s Russia, Hitler’s Germany, Mao’s China or modern day Iran. What this outburst illustrates is a level of intollerance that we cannot tollerate. It is really no-one’s business whether people drink alcohol, are gay, go nightclubbing or whatever – as long as it doesn’t harm others (hence the need for laws and sentencing). Obviously we don’t want everything on show to children (there must be public decency), and every sane person wants tough punishment for rape, but this outburst is beyond belief. And to think the Muslim Council of Britain accuses the media of pushing negative images of Islam, they’ve obviously never met this guy.



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