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Won’t Someone Think of the Children 25 September 2006

Posted by David in Political Correctness Gone Mad.

Nursery school teacher taken to court for abuse by council which has never heard of “the naughty corner” – the child’s parents book her in for more.

When I heardSuper Nanny Jo Frost that a nursery school teacher had been taken to court for disciplining a child, I had two thoughts. What had she done that was so bad? And is this just the parents whinging? And then it comes out; the parents still use her, are not giving evidence, and have in fact booked more hours for their 3 year old child. The entire case was brought about by a council worker – groan – who in her “three and a half years as an inspector” (gee, three and a half years) had never seen the practice before. The practice being removing a child who had just donked another child on the head, putting her on a chair, telling her she’s been very naughty and making her face the wall (seated instead of the traditional standing). This it has been explained is done by TV Supernanny Jo Frost (pictured).

Quite where this council worker – probably classed as an essential worker and almost certainly not a parent – has been I do not know.

Now a court is trying to deem whether it was disproportionate or not, based on whether the child donked the other child with a plastic brick (meaning it was apparently disproportionate) or wooden brick (meaning it was proportionate).

Besides the fact a dangerous precedent has been set (that donking people with plastic bricks is ok now), this entire case is crazy. This council worker must surely be a total twit, since how else are children to be disciplined without force? Is even telling them off now wrong?

But cutting to the chase; won’t someone think of the children who’s lives and later careers are wrecked by bad behaviour, bullying and disruption in school, and won’t someone restore some order through discipline to end the anarchy?



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