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Vote Cleverly For Battersea X-Factor 26 September 2006

Posted by David in Europe, Uncategorized.

Tomorrow the electors of Battersea will be able to take part in an open primary to select the next Conservative candidate. I am not entirely convinced at the merits of open primaries, as everyone (including the local Labour MP) can vote! It is thus open to wrecking tactics, and in an era of low political interest (particularly as the next general election is probably years away) this is a real possibility. I personally would rather only local party members vote, a so called closed primary.

Anyway I digress. The four candidates for what Guido is calling the Battersea X-Factor are Jane Ellison, Sam Gyimah, Louise Bagshawe and James Cleverly. From these it can only be said that Cleverly is by far the best candidate, and a person whom this blog fully endorses.

Jane Ellison is more left wing than Brown or Blair, having campaigned against Thatcherism as a student and being a member of the softly named but extreme Tory Reform Group – a divisive organisation with Euro-Nationalist beliefs. She is the sort of person who gladly signs anything marked “Europe”. If she wins, many Tories will vote Labour  to stop her or switch to UKIP. Few if any activists will campaign for her.

Louise Bagshawe and Sam Gyiamah are both acceptable candidates, but not ideal for this seat. Bagshawe writes trashy novels popular with bored people at airports some people. A slight worry is the fact she was once a Labour member, and her story on this subject seems unclear, particularly as whether she voted NuLab in 1997 and 2001. Sam Gyiamah is an excellent media performer and will no doubt make a great MP, and so he is our second choice.

But it is Cleverly we favour. Born and bred in London, he sadly ditched his Mayoral ambitions to concentrate on getting into Westminster, where he will be a great asset. With an Army background, now in  the business of publishing, and a normal education (the others are all Oxford graduates), he ticks all the boxes. But what swings it is two things; he was an A-list sceptic who got on the A-list, and he runs a good humoured and popular blog.

Update 28/09: Jane “EU” Ellison narrowly won the primary with the support of non-members including many wreckers from both Labour and the Lib Dems (Michael Crick and his daughter among others). Unless deselected, she’ll fight the Lab/Con ultra-marginal Battersea constituency at the next election. Expect deselection or a huge lack of activists, plus a strong UKIP vote.



1. Zalecenia - 28 September 2006

jamaican ghetto dweller (46) I understand, I agree (1) brand of rolling paper. (3)

2. dangerouslysubversivedad - 30 September 2006

An open primary is indeed a monumentally stupid idea as it leaves the process open to exactly the kind of mischief you decide.

However much as I hate to say it, I dont believe for one moment that the selection will produce a really strong UKIP vote or a huge lack of activists. When it comes down to it, the Tory rank-and-file WILL revert to type and bend over to be buggered by Central Office once more, and they’ll do it with a smile on their faces and a song in their hearts, as long as they believe they are one step closer to having ANYONE wearing a blue rosette entreing No.10.

The ‘Good Conservatives’ have sold their souls to the devil. As long as get a Conservative Government next time, they have no interest whatsoever in what in does once it actually gets there – as long as it gets there.

3. dangerouslysubversivedad - 30 September 2006

By the way, I use Blogger so I dont know much about WordPress but if you have some kind of word verification facility you might want to turn it on to avoid the spam above.

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