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Shuv Ubuntu 28 September 2006

Posted by David in World.

Earlier I was wondering to myself, what on Earthis all this ubuntu stuff everyone is going on about? That’s not even a word I thought, who makes up this rubbish. Then I read this on the BBC and realised,  it’s not a load of rubbish at all, it’s a load of utter tosh.

Basically, ubuntu is Marxism, or near enough anyway. As the BBC rambles on “if someone is hungry, the ubuntu response is that we’re all collectively responsible”. Communism. Collectivism. That may explain why Africa’s so poor despite huge mineral wealth.

It thus fits perfectly with the BBC/Marxist/Islamist/PC World view of collective responsibility. We are all responsible for the following; global warming, death, disease, famine, poverty, upsetting radical Muslims, etc etc. It got some great comments from readers.

“Ubuntu is an excellent traditional as well as modern Africa worldview. The concept has a powerful meaning and potential to transform the world into one of better understanding and respect for every human being” like in Zimbabwe with that lovely Nationalist Marxist Robert Mugabwe? It is about treating others as we would to be treated. It is about a sense of sharing, belong and togetherness including the fact that no human being is an island. What if we want to be islands? I’m Barbados.

No man is an Island and a tree cannot make a forest so the saying goes in Bini, Edo state of Nigeria. I strongly agree with former President Clinton in the use of the word Ubuntu. Let us be our brothers’ keeper. Like in Nigeria, where inter-ethnic conflict is riffe? It even disrupted the Miss World contest! The fortunate should lend a helping hand to the unfortunate. Unity is strength. War is peace, ignorrance is strength, blah blah blah.

The essence and depth of ‘ubuntu’ as a concept lies in the age-long African philosophy and practice of communalism and shared objectives. Like ethnic warfare? And you can keep your communalism thank you very much. You are your neighbours’ keeper. No I’m not. With the emergence of ‘western civilization’ we are increasingly becoming individualistic and competitive. Good, it’s called freedom. Capitalism and the philosophy of every person for himself is a challenge for ubuntu. Good, it’s freedom. We are all extricably linked and if you buy into the philosophy of ubuntu then I have your back and you have mine. I don’t want your back and certainly aren’t letting you have mine. I am because you are am what?– togetherness is it togetherness is what?

“Umuntu” is a concept that the west struggles to grasp. People in the West are so individualistic it’s called freedom, whereas in Africa its all about community like in Zimbabwe? In Africa you cannot seperate yourself from your community lack of social mobility then? Prisonners of the community, how awful. For example, I am from Highfield, Harare Zimbabwe, and I grew up knowing about 95% of my neighbors, all the way up to six streets down. I am now a student in the USA and I hardly know the people that stay next door. But you’ve not been made homeless by Robert Mugabwe’s house clearances, you can eat, you are free, and you can get to know them if you want.

Ubuntu is at the heart of the South African truth and reconciliation process. The term Ubuntu, according to Tutu, has perhaps its equivalent in Western world: ¿I think therefore I am.¿ That’s Descartes, nothing to do with ubuntu, he was trying to prove he existed, hence “I think therefore I am a thinking thing” – so must exist to be a “thing”. The Ubuntu version of this same concept would be translated as ¿I am human because I belong. I participate, I share.¿ Please read Descartes before you talk rubbish. Ubuntu embraces the worst in the other with the awareness that I would have done the same evil if I were in their shoes. What rubbish, this accepts murder, terrorism, war crimes, rape, paedophilia, anything. How can anyone believe this rubbish. It comes from the grim realisation that in as much as people are capable of doing good, there is always a danger of an evil force that works at various levels possessing people and making them do things that they would not normally do. Yes, and that’s why we have individual responsibility to punish them. It’s their fault, not ours. We are not the cause of others evil.

So there you are, ubuntu = African Communism. What a load of utter tosh, I don’t believe such nonesense still gets taken seriously. So shuv ubuntu.


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