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The Kamikaze Chameleon Vs The Commuter Mayor 29 September 2006

Posted by David in Conservatives, Labour.

Penny Mordaunt (Conservative PPCMan Dressed As Chameleon for Portsmouth) is considering standing for Mayor of London on a commuter platform (no pun intended). Brilliant.

I have long thought it stupid that the Mayor of London has so many powers. Ken Livingstone, who by now really should be back home caring for his newts, tramples on local councils and has set himself up as the capital’s de facto El Presidente.

He is elected by Londoners, but his decisions affect so many more. His irritating congestionKengestion charge, £100m a year advert budget, strange looking city hall and obsession with bizarre causes – from Hugo Chavez to becoming a City State, building a Super Mosque near the Olympic site, the Olympics full stop – all drive everyone mad. Poor commuters, who are the city’s driving force, are treat as contemptible by Red Ken.

If I was Mayor of London, the first day would be fantastic. I would abolish bus lanes, chainsaw congestion charge cameras, bring in new buses that look like the iconic old Routemasters, sack all of City Hall, abolish the GLC part of council tax, then sack myself – abolishing the post at the same time. Call me the Kamikaze Chameleon.

However the Kamikaze Chameleon Mayoralty, or the Commuter Mayoralty, are both highly unlikely. Neither of us can even vote.



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