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A Stupid Law Against Freedom 30 September 2006

Posted by David in Policy.

Today the new anti-age discrimination laws come into force across the UK. I believe that it is ridiculous to not employ someone due to their age – young or old. However, that is my opinion. Others are entitled to their own views and, if they run a business, should be free to act upon them as they see fit. It is after all, their business, not mine, and not the governments.

The government states that a third of the workforce will soon be aged over 50, and that it’s crazy for them not to be in work. This law they say is designed to help them. But, if a third of the workforce will be over 50, employers will have to employ them – there will be a shortage of alternatives. Therefore no patronising law is needed.

This new legislation will instead make employing people even more of a minefield. Asking for a date of birth now risks costly legal disputes, as does recruiting largely at schools or university fairs, or even joking about someone being ‘past it’ or ‘still wet behind the ears’. Most hit will be the building trade, where suddenly employers will need to turn down applicants after proving them incapable. How do you do this, and how much will it cost?

Any decision of any employer can be challenged legally. Picked older but more experienced over young and more qualified – illegal. Picked young and keen over older and sour – illegal. Promoted who you think is best, but they and the court disagrees – illegal.

What about Saga which, for as long as it has existed, has had a policy of employing people over 50 to match its over 50 clients? Illegal.

Who people employ, promote, demote or sack is really no one else’s business but their own. The government should butt out – scrap these stupid ‘anti-discrimination’ laws and let people get on with their lives. Stop making us all into victim groups.


1. joe bosniak - 20 May 2009

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2. joe bosniak - 20 May 2009

you all suck

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