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Paxman Redeems Himself 8 October 2006

Posted by David in Royals.
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I usually hate Jeremy Paxman. Sneering, patronising, condescending, left wing, never actually lets people answer even if they want to – but today he has redeemed himself.

In an article for the Independent, he explains how the mild republicanism instilled in him through the education system has been banished by his research into the Monarchy. Now he rightly sees them as a link with the past and a bulwark against fanatics. Having a unifying figure above politics is a huge strength, and I recommend anyone to read his article.

If only more would acknowledge the role played by the monarchy. Simply the pride of her awarding a Victoria Cross to Private Johnson Beharry alone makes it all worthwhile, let alone those others awarded for their work.

Are You Sure You Should Target Waitrose Voters, Mr Cameron? 7 October 2006

Posted by David in Conservatives.
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WaitroseApparently the Conservatives are targetting Waitrose Voters. A bit daft as Waitrose has a mere 3.6% market share in the UK – by sheer coincidence the same as the poll of poll increase since Cameron became leader. Could we now perhaps target Tesco (29%) and Asda (17%) voters a little?

UK Market Share
Tesco 29.0%
ASDA 17.1%
Sainsbury’s 15.9%
Morrisons 12.5% (including Safeway)
Somerfield 5.5%
Co-op 5.0%
Waitrose 3.6%
Aldi 2.3%
Iceland 2.1%
Lidl 1.8%
Netto 0.7%
Budgens 0.4%

Our Servicemen Deserve Better 7 October 2006

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Why does no one in government care about our Armed ArmyForces? There’s an excellent leaderin the Telegraph, but it’s not Telegraph leaders we want, its action inside the MoD. Our disgraceful government in its recent years has sent our troops into warzones without the necessary equipment (using the ‘just in time’ principle as spin to avoid accusations of preparing for war, even though everyone knew war was inevitable), with the wrong equipment (boots that melt in desert heat, helicopters with the wrong filters), and now without adequate back up. They need more men, but we haven’t got any more to send. TA soldiers are getting called up and used like regulars. Yet Labour abolishes historic regiments and makes cut backs! Now, when soldiers are injured, they are dumped on the NHS where they get berated by angry Muslims whinging about their “Muslim brothers” supposedly murdered by our troops (they forget the thousands killed by Saddam and inter-ethnic violence). A lesser country would have a military coup. And does the public care? No. The only campaigners here are anti-war protesters who are anti-military anyway, the loony left appeasers who wanted unilateral nuclear disarmament back in the 1980s in the hope the Soviets would follow suit.

Blair has now made a TV speech to our forces in Afghanistan, promising them all the equipment they need – as if this is news. They are meant to have the equipment as default. The government has no respect for our military, and this has got to change.

We Are Individually Responsible 7 October 2006

Posted by David in Labour, Political Correctness Gone Mad.
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Jack Straw is not responsible for the attack on a veiled Muslim lady in Liverpool, despite allegations by some Muslims that he is. We are all responsible for our own actions, not those of other people. Jack Straw did not in any direct way incite violence, and therefore the attack is the sole responsibility of the individual concerned. These attempts to blame Jack Straw are simply an attempt to quash debate, a debate extreme pro-veil Muslims are fast losing. The idea is that we become afraid to talk about Islam in case a racist nutter attacks someone and we [the debaters] get blamed for stirring things up. This blog supports free speech.

Jack Straw Is Right 6 October 2006

Posted by David in Conservatives, Labour, Political Correctness Gone Mad.

Jack StrawI have always quite like Jack Straw, I even feel a little bit guilty for using the rather comical picture of him here (alright only a tiny bit guilty, but still a bit). Anyway, he has always seemed a decent, moderate, tollerant, inoffensive and understanding man. And indeed, it appears, he is all of these things. However, being all of these things is no longer protection from Islamocranks.

Poor Jack Straw pondered for weeks about his latest article in his local newspaper, in which he admits to asking Muslim ladies to take off their veil in his constituency surgery. He finds them a barrier to integration, a “visible symbol of difference and seggregation”, and asked people to think of their affect on community relations. Cue Muslim outrage.

“Communities are bound together partly by informal chance relations between strangers – people being able to acknowledge each other in the street or being able pass the time of day,” he said, “that’s made more difficult if people are wearing a veil. That’s just a fact of life.”

The Islamofascists (or Islamocranks) went into overdrive, which now appears their only mode. The Muslim Public Affairs Committee were one such group, who’s views are always interesting. Their site contains enough anti-Semitic nonesense to please any Nazi nutter, and they also run an “Operation Muslim Vote” and “Jihad” section. The more cynical will note the “Donate Now” buttons.

But Jack Straw is right, covering your face is a block to community cohesion and integration. It’s freedom to wear what you like, but there’s also freedom to say what you like, without these nutters going ballistic! There’s also a security argument against covering faces, as they disguise identities and make CCTV useless.

It’s Christmas, Apparently 2 October 2006

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Everywhere I go they have got everything out for Christmas. Shops are full of it, particularly shopping centres. The whole display, out and available to buy. One shopping centre informed me they put their displays out, lights up and got their stock out on 15th September. I saw the first Christmas TV advert – for a washing up liquid with the tagline “spruce up your kitchen this Christmas with…” – about a month ago!

Christmas comes earlier every year, but this is a joke. It must be the earliest ever. Will we see combined Christmas-Halloween displays? I asked one person, who explained it was “all multi-cultural now”.