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Jack Straw Is Right 6 October 2006

Posted by David in Conservatives, Labour, Political Correctness Gone Mad.

Jack StrawI have always quite like Jack Straw, I even feel a little bit guilty for using the rather comical picture of him here (alright only a tiny bit guilty, but still a bit). Anyway, he has always seemed a decent, moderate, tollerant, inoffensive and understanding man. And indeed, it appears, he is all of these things. However, being all of these things is no longer protection from Islamocranks.

Poor Jack Straw pondered for weeks about his latest article in his local newspaper, in which he admits to asking Muslim ladies to take off their veil in his constituency surgery. He finds them a barrier to integration, a “visible symbol of difference and seggregation”, and asked people to think of their affect on community relations. Cue Muslim outrage.

“Communities are bound together partly by informal chance relations between strangers – people being able to acknowledge each other in the street or being able pass the time of day,” he said, “that’s made more difficult if people are wearing a veil. That’s just a fact of life.”

The Islamofascists (or Islamocranks) went into overdrive, which now appears their only mode. The Muslim Public Affairs Committee were one such group, who’s views are always interesting. Their site contains enough anti-Semitic nonesense to please any Nazi nutter, and they also run an “Operation Muslim Vote” and “Jihad” section. The more cynical will note the “Donate Now” buttons.

But Jack Straw is right, covering your face is a block to community cohesion and integration. It’s freedom to wear what you like, but there’s also freedom to say what you like, without these nutters going ballistic! There’s also a security argument against covering faces, as they disguise identities and make CCTV useless.


1. serf - 6 October 2006

There is also the feminsit argument.

These complete cover ups are completely denying woman a personality, in a way in which other muslim garments don’t.

2. lizzie the lion - 7 October 2006

I believe that as women we should reject Jack Straw’s attitude and arrange a day or week even, of solidarity with muslim women and their right to choose. We should nominate a day and we all wear a veil

This protest will echo that in reverse, of the protest made by the population of Denmark, when Hitler made all Jews in Denmark wear a yellow star. In response, the King of Denmark himself wore a yellow star and the whole population followed.

By all women coming together for one day to wear the veil, we can learn what it feels like to wear a veil and we can express solidarity with our Muslim sisters. The date I suggest is the 1st November

best wishes

3. blogger - 7 October 2006

Liz, you must be mad. Jack Straw hasn’t forced people to wear or not wear anything, and nor does he want to. He was simply stating the fact that covering your face depersonalises you, and so people can’t build informal relationships because you are anonymous. You get to know people from seeing them, even if you never talk, because you recognise them. You can’t recognise someone wearing a veil. It is also a visible sign of difference and sepperation, a uniform if you like. Only a mad person cannot see this.

I would also question whether it is free choice of Muslim women, or pressure from family. From my experience it is usually the latter. Indeed it is almost always religious indoctrination from birth. It’s been described as the worst kind of slavery before because it pretends to be religion. Is that free choice?

Veils are completely anti-women.

4. lisa - 19 November 2006

no one in this contry has the right to tell people what to wear.

5. blogger - 23 November 2006

Lisa, you’re right, no-one has the right to tell people what to wear, but this is an exception. Many Muslim women are brainwashed into veil wearing from birth by their Fathers and/or Brothers, or forced to by husbands. Imagine the poor children who never have chance to play hopscotch, or sports, or kiss chase, or just roll around in the grass…because of religious clothing. Surely religions also don’t have the right to tell people what to wear? Face coverings should be banned, the wearers won’t know true choice until they are free of it.

Furthermore, the veil hides the persons identity. It could be anyone underneath! People have the right to see who someone is when in public. Imagine the danger to banks, shops etc. We have CCTV for security, but these make it pointless.

Whether you like it or not, religion is forcing people to wear these garments.

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