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Our Servicemen Deserve Better 7 October 2006

Posted by David in Uncategorized.

Why does no one in government care about our Armed ArmyForces? There’s an excellent leaderin the Telegraph, but it’s not Telegraph leaders we want, its action inside the MoD. Our disgraceful government in its recent years has sent our troops into warzones without the necessary equipment (using the ‘just in time’ principle as spin to avoid accusations of preparing for war, even though everyone knew war was inevitable), with the wrong equipment (boots that melt in desert heat, helicopters with the wrong filters), and now without adequate back up. They need more men, but we haven’t got any more to send. TA soldiers are getting called up and used like regulars. Yet Labour abolishes historic regiments and makes cut backs! Now, when soldiers are injured, they are dumped on the NHS where they get berated by angry Muslims whinging about their “Muslim brothers” supposedly murdered by our troops (they forget the thousands killed by Saddam and inter-ethnic violence). A lesser country would have a military coup. And does the public care? No. The only campaigners here are anti-war protesters who are anti-military anyway, the loony left appeasers who wanted unilateral nuclear disarmament back in the 1980s in the hope the Soviets would follow suit.

Blair has now made a TV speech to our forces in Afghanistan, promising them all the equipment they need – as if this is news. They are meant to have the equipment as default. The government has no respect for our military, and this has got to change.



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