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Green Or Green With Envy 22 November 2006

Posted by David in Uncategorized.

Ken Jong-IlI hate Ken Livingstone. No really, I do. In fact, he is one of the worst people on the planet. Not because his main hobby is newts, I have nothing against newts, even though I’m no fan of them, I’m not newtist at all. No, I hate London’s Ken Jong-Il because he is a jealous, envy ridden creep.

Firstly the Congestion Charge wound me up to start with. We own the roads, well the Queen does (it’s the Queen’s Highway). We pay Road Tax to use them. Then this cheeky loonatic adds a top up, just for visiting our capital city to spend our money there! But now, he’s making it £25 for “gas guzzling chelsea tractor 4x4s” because “they create more CO2”. Oh please, if that was the reason cows would be the most highly taxed creatures on the planet.

It has more to do with pandering to a strange envy caused hatred of 4x4s. Yes, in City’s they are ridiculous, but it’s not the State’s job to choose which cars we can drive. As long as they pass the relevant safety tests, it’s no-bodies business but the drivers. You should be free to drive whatever you like providing it’s safe.

People who cheer at the anti-4×4 policies, what about when it’s your turn to get “taxed off the road”, or out of the sky (cheap flights will be gone next), or out of the supermarket (they pollute too much say the eco-fascists)? In Richmond-Upon-Thames you now have to pay huge amounts to park outside your own house! All this but no amount of tax revenue can repair the ozone layer or refreeze ice caps.

All of this environmentalism is just a smoke screen for tax, a Green Screen if you like. They aren’t doing anything serious to stop climate change, like building hundreds of off-shore windmills or confronting the US, China and India. Planning permission is a nightmare for home micro-generation solar panels, let alone windmills. If they are so green, why is the countryside being ruined by development, the EU Common Agriculture Policy and soon- traffic moving off expensive main roads to cheaper rural roads thanks to “road pricing” which will again target 4x4s.

The UK is 2% of global emmissions, put things in perspective. Let people be free I say, and tackle the real causes, sort the real issues. Stop being green with envy, and actually do something useful.



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