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It’s A Dangerous World, We Must Replace Trident 23 November 2006

Posted by David in World.


ConservativeHome has an excellent cartoon, reproduced above, from Michael Ramirez. If only Reagan had completed the star wars missile defence system!

It is absolutely vital that we replace Trident. The World is a dangerous place, many have nuclear missiles, even North Korea now. For the UK not to have any would make us a sitting duck, and look stupid. Mutually Assured Destruction may spell MAD, but it generally works. It is certainly better than “we’re pacifists and don’t believe in nuclear weapons so we’ll just sit here while you build some, aim them at us, then hold us to ransom or destroy us.” A prize for anyone who puts that in a nifty acronym.

The anti-nuclear CND live in cloud cuckoo land, just as the Greenham Common protesters of the 80s did. They once asked them how they would stop a Soviet invasion? “With love” they declared. Not being nasty, but that wouldn’t get us far, just look at them. At best that would save us a half acre of swamp, even with the best of negotiators acting on our behalf.

“We should lead the way with non-proliferation by setting an example” say some, clearly people without dictionaries. Proliferation means the spread of nuclear weapons to those not already possessing them, we already possess them- we’re just renewing.

War is not good. We have nuclear weapons so it doesn’t happen, and so others won’t use them on us. So please CND, grow up!



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