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Commission President A KGB Spy Says Poisoned Ex-KGB Spy 26 November 2006

Posted by David in Europe.

I’m surprised it’s not got much publicity, just a few very dismissive lines in The Guardian and The Sun, but it’s quite an unusual story.

The former Spy Alexander Litvinenko, who sadly died after his shocking poisoning by a radioactive substance, is reported to have claimed Romano Prodi (former President of the European Commission and now the Italian Prime Minister) was a KGB agent.

The poisoned former spy told his UKIP Euro MP Gerard Batten Mr Prodi was the KGB’s “man in Italy”. Litvinenko sought help from General Anatoly Trofimov, ex-deputy Russian secret service chief, after he was forced to seek political asylum. Mr Batten told the European Parliament General Trofimov reportedly said: “Don’t go to Italy. There are KGB agents among the politicians. Prodi is our man there.”

This seems to have been dismissed by the media, but we shouldn’t be so. The Cambridge Spies went right to the top in Britain, and who knows how many others there may have been. Is it instantly so unbelievable that Prodi, who the Times described as a “Euro fanatic”, could be an Italian Kim Philby, Guy Burgess, Anthony Blunt or Donald Maclean?

I am not one for conspiracy theories, but I think the claims of a man formerly one of the KGB/FSB’s top agents who has been mysteriously assasignated by a rare radioactive substance deserve a little more investigation and time.

Over on the sometimes weird but often good Armed & Dangerous Blog from America they have a lot of stuff suggesting socialist activity in the EU.


1. Joe - 16 January 2007

It amazes me that that anyone takes this anti-Russia thing seriously.
Putin is not Brezhnev. People may not like some aspects of Russia, but it is not a rebranded soviet union, however you dress it up. Ok, people may not like the whole Chechnya thing, but many abroad don’t exactly look at the history of Northern Ireland with admiration for our handling of the situation either.
If you read a lot about the KGB, the cold war and that sort of thing, as I do, you realise how good the KGB were at what they did. Nobody ever bettered them, or even equalled them. If they wanted someone bumped off, they could do it without it being obvious. It has been suggested they got Gaitskill- that’s if you buy the ‘Wilson was Russian spy’ theory, about which I am still undecided.
Certainly if they wanted to bump someone off, they’d do better than this. Polonium is hardly the most subtle- or the cheapest way to poison somebody. The theory is plain ludicrous.
Problem is the Cold War meant we all grew up a little Russophobic. It’s hard not to see them as sinister enemies who seek to destroy our way of life. But we need to. The West needs Russia, as much as Russia needs the West. It is time we stopped looking at Russia through an Iron Curtain that has gone.
Sting hoped the Russian’s loved their children too.
Of course they do.

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