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If Cameron Adopts Working Time Limits… 26 November 2006

Posted by David in Conservatives.

If Cameron adopts working time limits, I am resigning from the party. Working time restrictions are illiberal in the extreme. What right does a politician have to say how long we can work for? People are not exploited and we do not need to be saved by Marxist nonsense. I read about it at Sinclair’s, where he too is angry. Iain Dale is foaming as well.

People should be free to work as long as they like. It’s up to individuals to decide their own work/life balance, not politicians. Some people like work, others are happy to sacrifice some spare time for some extra overtime cash. They obviously prefer the money, or they wouldn’t do it. Perhaps they get greater satisfaction from their remaining spare time because they have more money. An example of quality over quantity.

A policy like this is terrible. What will DC say, “I’m sorry Mr Minimum Wage, you can’t work overtime to go on a better holiday with your kids or send them to dance/guitar practice, because we have decided your work/life balance for you. Now go home and vegitate and remember to explain to your kids they aren’t going to EuroDisney anymore for the better your general well being.”

This is not the USSR and we are not Communists, Mr Cameron!



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