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Minority Courts A Danger 28 November 2006

Posted by David in Uncategorized.

The BBC have an article on minority courts in the UK, using systems such as Shariah or Somali. As usual the politically correct brigade say it’s a celebration and triumph of multi-culturalism, more fool them. The article even notes a murder of a Somalian man by another Somalian in the UK, which was settled by one of these ad hoc minority courts in the UK. The punishment was to pay compensation.

Bizarely, there was little mention of the dangers that these courts may create. The possibility of some groups happily accepting the legal decisions of a sepperate court means that some communities will be outside of normal law and justice. If a family can accept compensation for a murder, the criminal remains free. If communities accept this, all are at danger, and justice is not done.

Britain should not allow any community to create its own sepperate legal system. Those born into that community may feel trapped into it by family pressure, and thus lack access to justice. The law should apply equally and unto all.



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