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On This Day, Margaret Thatcher Was Back-Stabbed 28 November 2006

Posted by David in Conservatives.

MTIt was sixteen years ago today, 28th November 1990, that Margaret Thatcher left Downing Street in tears. After 11 years of power, her back stabbing cabinet had finally brought down Britain’s greatest peacetime Prime Minister, the only reason they ever left opposition for government. The decline of the Conservatives¬†then begun. For the picture I selected a different image to that of 28/11/1990. Happier times for Britain’s Iron Lady, a person of courage and integrity of belief that today’s leadership would do well to learn from.



1. Daniel - 8 December 2007

Love is too tame an emotion to describe how we conservatives on this side of the pond felt about this stalwart and true lady of iron. She engendered the noblest virtues and espoused the finest in character qualities as she stood toe to toe with opponents and shoulder to shoulder with friends. President Ronald Reagan’s truest ally outside of this country… the two of them understood what very few people will ever know: what it is like to bring one’s country back from the brink of cynicism, to foster in others the optimism and patriotic fervor which was felt so deeply in themselves. In this, the two will go down in history as a pair of friends who literally changed their times. May G-d bless the Rt Hon. The Baroness Thatcher and the memory of President Ronald Reagan, whom she adored.

2. Tim (Random Observations) - 17 December 2007

I agree.

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