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Official: MP’s Are Stupid 4 December 2006

Posted by David in Labour.


It’s official, MP’s are stupid. Well, at least 53 Labour backbenchers anyway. These 53 backbenchers signed a motion claiming “replacing Trident will breach the nuclear non-proliferation treaty”. I ask them to please spend some of their £66,000pa salary and buy a dictionary.

proliferation noun 1 a great and rapid increase in numbers. 2 biol in living organisms: the multiplication of cells, tissues or structures. 3 the spread of nuclear weapons to countries not already possessing them.

The third definition clearly states it; countries not already possessing them. Which part of this do they not understand?

A poll by Communicate Research for the newspaper found that 36% of Labour MPs believed that “the international security outlook makes a UK nuclear deterrent unnecessary.” Of course, we are totally safe with Iran and North Korea both going nuclear, aren’t we?

To me there seems to be two arguments being used against replacing Trident. Firstly, that’s it is hypocritical for us to have nuclear weapons whilst condemning others for trying to go nuclear. To this I answer, please grow up! Foreign affairs is hypocritical, because we trust ourselves (we won’t declare war on ourselves) but not certain others, such as Mr Kim Jong-Il. We cannot be defenceless against tyrants. Saying it’s hypocritical is like saying it’s hypocritical for us to stop insane loonies carrying guns around the streets. If you put the UK to be equal in trustworthiness to North Korea, you are an idiot (congratulations).

Secondly, they argue the ‘pacifist’ anti-war argument, that peace will win through. Again, please grow up! Some people want to make war, the idea of a nuclear deterrant is to deter them from doing so, and blow them up if they do. Appeasement and pacifism doesn’t work, just ask yourself why on Earth it would?

Trident must be replaced, and the Conservatives must support it. If Cameron and Hilton put focus groups above the nation’s safety, they are traitors to humanity. The nation didn’t want to arm in the 1930s but Churchill knew better, he put Britain’s future ahead of his political career. Now today’s politicians must do likewise.

Those countries who desire to live in peace should make ready for war – Winston Churchill



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