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Ten Things I Would Never Do 4 December 2006

Posted by David in Uncategorized.

A Very British Dude didn’t have anyone to tag, so I volunteered myself. So here are my “ten things I would never do”…

1. Support the European Union
2. Vote Labour
3. Get to meet Milton Freidman
4. Get nostalgic about modernist architecture
5. Support building on the countryside
6. Support uncontrolled immigration
7. Be in favour of higher taxes
8. Think the state can actually run things successfully
9. Support abolishing the Monarchy
10. Support breaking up the UK

I tag Chris Palmer (if he hasn’t already done it) and The Record Keepers. Anyone else is free to as well, just add a comment with your address for me to link to.



1. Chris Palmer - 11 December 2006

I will do this sometime..!

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