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Britain Back On The Ration? 12 December 2006

Posted by David in Labour.

The government is looking into a “carbon reward card“, whereby everyone will be allocated a state decided ration of carbon to use each month. The card will be used alongside currency, with every product having a carbon price to be deducted from your card. You cannot shop without the card. Those using more than their ration will have to buy more rations from those not using their full allocation, a kind of trading scheme.

They are at pains to point out that it is not an ID card. No, it is instead just a card with your ID on it. They also point out it will not track you. It will only track everything you ever purchase, where you purchased it and when.

Unsurprisingly, the scheme is being looked into by David Miliband. Mr Miliband is a sad, pathetic and dull middle aged man who now works as Environment Secretary and runs a blog costing taxpayers £60,000 per year. The son of Communist academics (yuck), he has only ever worked as a civil servant. He is a vegetarian, but unlike Alan Clarke decided to lie about it and instead pretend to eat a chicken sandwich in front of a journalist. There’s also interest from the EU.

The state does not have the right to dictate how much we can or cannot buy. I find it alarming that they even think of such a scheme – it’s socialist control wrapped in green!



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