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The War On Christmas 12 December 2006

Posted by David in Political Correctness Gone Mad.

This year the now annual leftist war on Christmas has reached new heights. Most see it as politically correct ‘do gooder’ secularists against Christian traditionalists, however I feel it is a more three cornered fight.

In one corner, extreme traditionalists like the vicar who banned a man for dressing as Father Christmas and their socialist friends such as Compass who feel children are being dragged into adult activity such as shopping too early. I will call them Christian Socialists.

In the second corner, Secular Socialists such as Hariney Council who told a toddler group to stop singing about Jesus or lose their funding, and the “do gooders” so affraid of causing offence they rebrand it Winterval, send cards reading Seasons Greetings (or worse – Happy Holidays), and seem to be totally unaware that Britain has a Christian tradition and our religious minorities often enjoy it – certainly not finding it offensive. In fact, most are totally bemused or insulted by the pc brigade’s patronising attitude.

And where are we, ordinary people? We like the true meaning of Christmas stuff but aren’t religious, find the hype annoying but enjoy seeing family/friends have a nice time and getting presents, and just want to be left alone. So please, Christian Socialists and Secular Socialists, leave us alone – IT’S CHRISTMAS!



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