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More Rubbish From Planet Lib Dem 13 December 2006

Posted by David in Liberal Democrats, Political Correctness Gone Mad.

Sarah Gidley MPSarah Gidley MP (right) is a Liberal Democrat. You could probably tell that from the patronising yet utterly moronic expression on her face, terrible teeth, fake smile, bizare NHS retro specs and unusual taste in neck jewelery. Plus the fact she appears to be wearing an orange jump suit from Guantanemo Bay. She is MP for Romsey (majority 125), and the new poster girl for political correctness of the gone mad variety.

Anyway, Sarah Gidley MP has decided that she dislikes sportsdays, competitive sports, or anything fun basically. She states that “those children who are towards the end of the queue when the teams are being picked soon get the message and decide that they do not want to exercise because they do not want to make fools of themselves.” Obviously she was one of them. And to my knowledge, few if any feel this way. If they do, they should learn to accept defeat and become stronger individuals.

Paul Creeden, Hampshire Football Association’s spokesman said “sports are both good for personal development, learning to have respect for others and encouraging teamwork. It’s also good for learning to be successful, accepting defeat and working together towards one goal.” I guess the Lib Dems have never been successful, or worked together (particularly Gidley, who started the back stabbing of Kennedy). They have also yet to learn to accept defeat, hence their obsession with electoral change and the stability wrecking, secret deal dependent proportional representation.

 “That [sports] is not a positive experience,” said Gidley, “if a child cannot read, they are not put on a stage and made to stumble through the alphabet or a passage of Shakespeare.” This might be a good idea, confronting your problems is vital. 

“Little thought is given to the children who do not excel at sport.” No, one thing I agree with. Bring back grammar schools!!!

The MP called for a greater focus on activities which focused on “personal improvement” like skipping, dance and games. That will be popular.

Lots of kids hate sports, fine, PE at schools is awful, but not because of competition. It’s awful because it’s awful- in dire need of greater individual pupil choice and specialisation, with proper coaching. The answer isn’t banning competition, it’s letting kids choose and develop their own strengths. Gidley is mad, she must grow up!



1. Webmaster - 14 December 2006

May be we should give them their wish and let them live in the nightmare world that they want so they can see what this nonsense means – or give them their other nightmare of a common sense, Conservative government

2. blogger - 14 December 2006

Sadly we too would be stuck in their mediocre world of ‘no losers, no winners’ if we gave in to them and their mad ideas. A common sense Conservative government is vital, here’s hoping Cameron delivers.

3. Joe - 13 January 2007

er- Sandra Gidley, I fear! Sorry to be a pedant!

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