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Is Malcolm Rifkind A Parliamentary Bed Blocker? 14 December 2006

Posted by David in Parliamentary Bedblockers.

There are too many ‘bed blockers’ of all party colours in Parliament. Now, I’m not ageist. In fact we benefit very much from older, wiser and more experienced people. However many of the bed blockers are not wiser, their experience remains poor, and some aren’t even that old. They are however useless. Some have so much baggage that they will never be of use, and remain MP’s just for the sake of it. They use Churchill’s wilderness years as their excuse, but they are not Churchills. Winston’s wilderness was a time when he worked tirelessly to highlight the Nazi threat, what do they do? 

So who are the bedblockers? I want my readers to decide. In this, the first of a new feature,I look at Malcolm Rifkind, who was nominated by StanK from Derby. Nominate your bedblocker in the comments with your suggestion and reason why, and vote in the same way.

StanK says: “Malcolm Rifkind was once described as the most successful transport secretary ever, because no-one knew he had held the post, and this sums him up. Uninspiring, drab and boring. Annoyingly in love with the EU, rejected twice by Edinburgh, runs away to safe seat of Kensington and Chelsea. Aiming to be reselected for next general election. Tried to become leader in 2005, abandoned it before first ballot, supported Ken Clarke.”

Is Malcolm Rifkind a Parliamentary bedblocker? You decide.



1. Serf - 15 December 2006

When you look at the number of people, who have potentially a lot to give, but who cannot get into parliament, you have to conclude that every sitting MP should face a reselection primary before each election. The bed blockers would mostly get deselected and replaced with better quality candidates.

Malcolm Rifkind? Why not replace him with one of David Cameron’s young female and ethnic candidates. At least there would be some benefit to the party.

2. Webmaster - 15 December 2006

Menzes Campbell

3. Joe - 2 February 2007

Ken Clarke- Without a shadow of a doubt.
Bye, Ken.

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