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The Poverty Gap 18 December 2006

Posted by David in Funny.

Hat tip: http://www.nicholsoncartoons.com.au/



1. sarah - 18 April 2007

this picture is really good as i am doing a title page on rich and poor for geography.

2. john - 24 October 2007

What’s really disappointing about your thoughtful stuff David( cf ecosus.blogspot.com) is ( following my dead end lead to your so called poverty”top stories”) that you appear to have nothing serious about how the rich can and do exploit those with less or higher stress( eg land custodians) http://fairgomate.blogspot.com
Getting rich is not hard provided you ignore everybody else.
Conservative politics has become engrossed in private good and confused the whole business with public good.
Please do not accuse the left of simplicity when the right have breathed too hard on the window of ideas and see only themselves and their silly simple images of self in the fogged up mirror .
Failure to accept the cracks is helping to keep conservatives out of government . ( Rudd ,for example, is more honest about conservative weaknesses than Howard and could probably win because of it ) .

3. bob, 12 - 2 March 2008

I liked it because i am doing the same as sarah (rich and poor for geography) and I used it for a postor on exploiting

4. bob, 12 - 2 March 2008

I love it still

5. bob, 12 - 2 March 2008

I love it even 30 seconds after my last comment

6. bob, 12 - 2 March 2008

dont like it anymore. the effect has worn off

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