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What Is Multi-Culturalism? 18 December 2006

Posted by David in BBC.

Brian Waldon is waffling on about multi-culturalism on the BBC. I wonder how much of license fee payer’s money this left winger is paid for his dull ramblings? If he wants to ramble he should get a blog like the rest of us.

Anyway, he admits to having not known what multi-culturalism is. I wonder how many more supporters of multi-culturalism don’t actually know what it is they are supporting, just doing so because they think they should? The sheep mentality is endemic, particularly among the media set.

Clearly few know what multi-culturalism is. The dictionary Waldon quotes talks of multiple ethnicities, races and religions, but this is multi-racial and multi-religious. These things are not cultures in their own right. Waldon then pretends that people in different jobs constitutes multi-culturalism. Is he mad?

A culture is far wider; a whole civilisations identity, set of customs, traditions and values. Multi-culturalism is having multiple cultures in one state at once. But unless all within that state feel a shared identity, they will never accept the majority vote of the ‘others’ within that state – just look at Kashmir, Tibet, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Ireland…

Multi-culturalism thus cannot work. You can have multi-racial or multi-religion, and individualism, but at some point all must accept they are part of one culture, one nation.



1. Serf - 19 December 2006

Multiculturalism was sold to us as tolerance. Tolerance is a good thing, and promotes harmony in society.

However, as it has been implemented, multiculturalism has actually meant disdain for the majority culture and a semi religious belief in the equality of cultures. So we are not allowed to say that a culture that believes that women should not be educated, or one that values craftiness over honesty, is equal to a culture which is based on mutual respect and the rule of law.

As such, multiculturalism was only ever a Marxist idea, created to damage our traditional culture and values.

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