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Farage In Romania 22 December 2006

Posted by David in Europe, UKIP.

UK Independence Party leader, Nigel Farage MEP, will be the feature on BBC1 Ten O’Clock News (Friday, 22 December 2006). You can read about it here.

The broadcast will be interesting for all, not least as it will be a chance to see how the pro-EU BBC reacts to Mr Farage’s frank, jolly dislike of political correctness and the EU.

From the brief BBC News Online report there are already some oddities, such as the barman declaring he is unaffraid of Big Brother because he wishes to become part of it. Alarming. On a more lighter note there’s the Romanianwoman cheekily told “see you in London” by Farage and replying “maybe”.

I agree however the portrayal of Romania and Bulgaria has been harsh. We must be clear we have nothing against them, and indeed welcome them into the Western World, however only wish to control migration due to the environment, unemployment and social cohesion. I am vehemently anti-EU, but love Europe. The EU is not Europe.



1. Serf - 22 December 2006

I have visited both Romania & Bulgaria a number of times. Both countries have a long way to go, to become “Normal Rich” countries. I have seen the quality of their public servants, and it has to be seen to be believed.

Despite the very real problems, I do heartily dislike the way in which the countries and their people are portrayed. It is in many ways insulting, and certainly disrespectful.

You don’t have to hate Romanians, to want to control immigration from there. There are good utilitarian arguments that can be used.

I also worry that such poor countries will not be able to rise under the weight of EU rules that will come to bear. They need our markets, not our restrictions on trade.

2. blogger - 22 December 2006

I agree entirely, the EU rules will just hold them back. The CAP is already ruining their farming by creating large, collectivised farms and artificially affecting the market. Grants for some, not for others, corruption is riffe. They have just escaped the USSR, the last thing they need is the EU.

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