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The Sugar Plum Fascist And The Right To Privacy 22 December 2006

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Yesterday the Guardian revealed the findings of an undercover investigation of the BNP. Today The Timeslooks at the findings, in particular the discovery that Simone Clarke – currently lead at the English National Ballet – is a member. Other members include the founder of the London Dungeon and former Chairman of the London Tourist Board, Annabel Geddes, and Peter Bradbury, a leading proponent of complementary medicine with links to Prince Charles. Others apparently include a former Miss England and a member of staff from Buckingham Palace.

But whilst the press revels in the storyit exposes a weakness in privacy laws. The private views of individuals are just that, private views. They have not committed a crime, nor should their actions be a crime. The way we vote is, rightfully, secret. So too should our views and memberships, providing they are not of a terrorist nature, unless we ourselves decide to make the case known otherwise. She may be a sugar plum fascist, but it’s none of our business.

The Guardian scoop didn’t reveal anything we didn’t already know, namely that the BNP is trying to ditch its thuggish image to seek middle class support, which it is sadly getting. Other than that it simply proved that the press has no respect for privacy. I view the Guardian story as a breach of privacy as much as paparazzi photographs. They may be fascists, but they still have the same rights to privacy we should all have.



1. withheld - 8 January 2007

A group of people called Unite Against Faschism, which is a faschist
slogan if ever I heard one, is planning to hold a rally outside a
ballet performance in London to protest about the membership of the BNP of Simone Clarke, one of the dancers. Perhaps they could explain what is un-faschist about blockading an arts venue to force the sacking of a dancer because of the political party she supports.

The BNP is a legal party with 50 local councillors across the country,
compared to Unite Against Faschism’s none. They probably don’t like my views either so are they going to stop me singing in the bath or going to work? I suppose we like to think our ballet dancers have the
same thoughts on things as the audience, wealthy, metropolitan,
liberal. Champagne must be served cold, the arts must be served left wing. It’s no different, I suppose, to not wanting to hear the dancers’ footsteps on the stage, it spoils the illusion. I’m going to shut up now lest I get labelled an extreme rightwing fruitcake instead of just a regular fruitcake but you have to wonder what artist, performer, or writer will be deemed ideologically unsound next and who else will feature in Unite Against Faschism’s own degenerate art exhibition.

2. The Bicycling Chameleon - 9 January 2007

The UAF gang are themselves are rather unsavoury bunch. Indeed many UAF activists are former BNP members with anger against their former party members. Others include various far-left communists and an assortment of anarchists, eco-warriors etc. It is indeed odd that they attempt to ‘Unite Against Fascism’ yet are themselves fascist in some activity, from blockading the English National Ballet to targetting individuals. Odd bunch.

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