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Tax Sending People To Drink 3 January 2007

Posted by David in Uncategorized.

The Guardian won’t accept it, but it’s article today titled Affluent move up ill-health table says more than it reports.

In its usual patronising social democrat tone, the paper declares “they will, in time, surely be known as the affluent poor: young, two-car owning, Tory-voting families who own property in some of the wealthiest areas of England, and whose penchant for alcohol coupled with their time-poor, work-stressed lifestyles could trigger serious illness.”

But this category, which I prefer to call ordinary people, includes single people, couples and people not owning their own home as well. Indeed, it is the non-property owning worst affected. They work, but the combination of high taxes and property prices – particularly first time buyers in competition with immigrant families and the buy to let for migrant worker market – means a house is out of reach. So instead they share rented homes or stay with parents, with what would be mortgage money becoming disposable income.

And where better for many to dispose of income than the pub? High taxes are making people work longer and longer hours, becoming “time-poor” and “work-stressed”, it’s no wonder they live unhealthy lives – there’s little alternative.

The answer, cut taxes so people don’t need to work as much and have more money, and stop mass immigration so there’s less competition for housing and higher wages (we can control inflation with cheap imports if we left the EU and removed trade quotas).


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