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A New Unionist Voice For Scotland? 4 January 2007

Posted by David in Uncategorized.

Scotland is set to gain a new political party to fight the 2007 elections. Scottish Voice will be a pro-Scotland, unionist party. The political establishment has unsurprisingly already rounded on the new party. There’s general agreement that the party will harm the Conservatives most, although there is little to harm as the party remains at its catastrophic record low of 2001 in the polls.

I think this agreement may however be wrong, Scottish Voice will harm the SNP most. Look at the facts. Scotland has a large, small ‘c’ conservative population. It has a enterprising class as well. Indeed in the 1955 general election the Conservatives won 50.1% of the vote and 36 of the 71 seats.

The Conservatives do terribly in Scotland because they are seen as anti-Scottish (the early introduction of the community charge being a major bug-bear), with the decline beginning far earlier when the once autonomous Scottish Unionist Party merged with the English Conservatives and began to reuse the term ‘Conservative’.

Many SNP voters are small ‘c’ conservatives, in once Tory seats such as Perth. The Scottish Voice Party may be able to retake these moderate patriots, away from the separatist Nationalists, especially if they focus on the SNP’s commitment to a more powerful EU and dodgy budget.

It has been said before the Conservatives should revert to having the old autonomous Scottish Unionist Party, in the way Germany has the CDU-CSU. Perhaps this arrangement will end up happening without their input.



1. Y is a vowel - 8 January 2007

i can see the arguement that this new party will challenge the belief that only proud scots vote for the snp. but this is generally a fallacy – conservatives are also proud of their country. i think their business stance will tempt a few as too will their strong statements of intent when compared to the seeming lack of policies the scottish conservatives are accused of. added together i can see a stunt in tory growth in key marginals; perth being one, as i covered in my blog, but there is also roxbrugh & berwickshire and large swaths of the south of scotland region where any resurgent conservative party should be expecting to make gains.

all this said, i hope i am wrong and you are right.

2. Joe - 13 January 2007

Harm the Tories further? I think not. Problem with this logic is that natural Tories in Scotland who are so disillusioned with the Tories as not to vote Tory are- er- already not voting Tory. they have long gone to either the SNP or the Lib Dems. This means that any party seeking to win votes from disaffected Tories is actually going to harm those parties who have bolstered up their votes in the last twenty years or so from disaffected Tories. Whatever happened to the Pro-Euro Conservatives or the Scottish People’s Alliance? QED. There is no Tory vote left to squeeze. On the other hand while the SNP are not the Tartan Tories their opponents brand them, many of their voters are. Chech out to Scottish Enterprise Pary. I’m not sure if they’ve got off the ground yet, but if they do I foresee a market for centre right Scottish patriotism….

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