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Labour Are Hypocrites 8 January 2007

Posted by David in Labour.

Labour are hypocrites. Did I really need to say that? No, it was fairly obvious. Today comes the news that Ruth Kelly has bought her child’s way out of the failing state school system, and instead got a place at a £15,000 per year private school.

I liked the way how when the news first broke, the press didn’t name the “Labour former Education Minister” to protect the child’s anonymity, even though we all knew it was Ruth Kelly. At one point the BBC News website spoke of an “unnamed ex-minister” but used Kelly’s picture…

My initial reaction, good for her. Most state schools are appaling, especially for children with learning difficulties. She would be failing as a parent if she didn’t, given that she can easily afford it. This is majority view, it seems, along with the opinion that it’s the total hypocrisy that is the problem.

She should say what she obviously thinks, namely that the Labour policy of denying the parents of special needs children the choice of specialist schools or integration in mainstream schools is wrong. It is not just wrong, but terrible. The people who know best are not the council, or ‘specialists’, but the parents.

Forced integration of those with learning difficulties is wrong, it leaves them without adequate support, feeling isolated and at risk. Not all children are the same, we need different sorts of schools for different children.



1. Cllr Matthew Scott - 9 January 2007

Being part of a Government which has closed 117 special schools, including when she was Education Secretary? Definite hypocrisy.

It’s not even the Bolton schools she insults but Tower Hamlets – her own Association members call her the MP for Bolton West and the Home Counties (Source: The Whip, The Sun) for this reason

2. Dirty Bird - 4 February 2007

Those bike riding eco-freak hypotcrits should have their bicycles wrapped around their dirty green necks

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